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« Novembre 2023 »

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Webriche: les veilleurs ne dorment jamais...

Ci dessous, les actualités de quelques sites qui ont tout mon intérêt (à différents niveaux).

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19 Novembre 2023 (49)

1: Les mots de passe des français « déchiffrables en une seconde », selon une nouvelle étude

Le Big Data (dataviz)

Un gestionnaire de mots de passe mène régulièrement des enquêtes sur le niveau de sécurité de ces codes d'accès. La … Cet article Les mots de passe des français « déchiffrables en une seconde », selon une nouvelle étude a été publié sur LEBIGDATA.FR.

2: VueJS part 12: Exposing methods and data in components

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Introduction Recently, I started learning VueJS, and this article is part of the series of my notes while learning it. So far, I mostly used data and methods properties of the component. However, there are other, better ways to expose data or run som...

3: Improving Recharts performance

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Hey, there! I was a bit bored on Sunday afternoon and started looking for a cool task to work on. I have contributed to Recharts in the past, so I decided to take a look at their issue tracker. I didn't have to search much, since I found a performanc...

4: Get Started with Resend

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript) Resend, the email platform designed with developers in mind, is making waves in the world of transactional email sending. With a recent $3 million seed round reported by TechCrunch and PEGN, Resend is on a mission to re...

5: Debouncing and Throttling Made Simple!

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Today, let's chat about two cool tricks in JavaScript that control how often your code does its thing'debouncing and throttling. Think of it as choreographing a dance for your code. Debouncing: The Smooth Waltz Picture this: You're typing in a search...

6: Git and GitHub From Basic To Advance For DevOps Engineering In One Blog.

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

What is git' Git is a distributed version control system (DVCS) used for tracking changes in source code during software development. It was created by Linus Torvalds in 2005 and has since become the most widely used version control system in the wor...

7: Flutter ListView Widget Full Tutorial

Hashnode - Flutter (Flutter)

The Flutter ListView widget is a common scrolling widget that helps to put multiple items under it and provides either horizontal or vertical scrolling. The ListView widget provides several constructors that allow you to customize its behaviour accor...

8: Long time no blog / I've been working on an app / Flutter is pretty cool / Nuron early access is available now '

Hashnode - Flutter (Flutter)

Ok so it's been a while since I've posted anything... To keep it short, after my bootcamp I accepted a volunteer position at a non-profit organization as a Flutter developer. I've never used Flutter or Dart so that's been keeping me pretty busy latel...

9: Navigating React.js SEO Challenges

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Introduction: Embarking on the journey of launching CoderKit, a React.js application, brought with it the daunting challenge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This blog recounts the SEO hurdles faced and the inventive solutions employed to ensure ...

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10: Buzz 101: The Programming Language for Non-Coders

Hashnode - python (python)

Hello there, fellow buzdies! It's me, Chenuli, the creator and founder of Buzz 101, a programming language designed for the use of our fellow non-coders. I'm writing here to tell the world about an upcoming game-changing programming language' Buzz 10...

11: JavaScript delete: How to Remove Properties from Objects

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

JavaScript is known for its flexibility and quirks, and it presents various methods to manipulate objects and their properties. One such method is the delete operator, probably the most common way out there. However understanding when and how to use ...

12: Stop grinding LeetCode! A different take on landing your first developer job

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Whether you are self-taught like me, a bootcamp graduate or an undergrad - If you are looking for your first development job you have probably heard the phrase "grind LeetCode" multiple times. A lot of aspiring developers tend to think that somehow, ...

13: Pub SMS pour la réforme des retraites : la CNIL remonte les bretelles du gouvernement

Le Big Data (dataviz)

Récemment, CNIL a dû intervenir dans une affaire impliquant le gouvernement français. Elle démontre son importance dans la surveillance de … Cet article Pub SMS pour la réforme des retraites : la CNIL remonte les bretelles du gouvernement a été publié sur LEBIGDATA.FR.

14: How to Make API Calls with Redux Toolkit

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Introduction Redux helps manage the state in React, and Redux Toolkit is a setup that makes it easier to use Redux with React. In this blog post, we'll explore how to fetch data using Redux Thunk, a part of React Redux, along with Axios, which is a R...

15: Quels sports pratiquer pour être heureux'' La science donne enfin la réponse

Le Big Data (dataviz)

Faire du sport, tout en entretenant sa santé mentale. C'est tout à fait possible avec ces activités physiques. Une étude … Cet article Quels sports pratiquer pour être heureux'' La science donne enfin la réponse a été publié sur LEBIGDATA.FR.

16: Exploring the Mysteries of Machine Learning: A Future Adventure

Hashnode - python (python)

Introduction: Machine learning (ML) is the transformative force at the heart of the technological revolution, shaping the way we interact with data, make decisions, and perceive the world around us. In this article, we will embark on a journey to dem...

17: t411 : Le site de téléchargement neutralisé par les gendarmes de Rennes

Le Big Data (dataviz)

t411 doit sa fin aux gendarmes de Rennes et leur travail de longue haleine. Les autorités françaises ont lancé un … Cet article t411 : Le site de téléchargement neutralisé par les gendarmes de Rennes a été publié sur LEBIGDATA.FR.

18: 02. All about Series '

Hashnode - python (python)

Pandas objects can be regarded as upgraded forms of NumPy structured arrays, with rows and columns identifiable by labels rather than plain integer indices. So, what exactly is a series' Like a list in Python, a series is employed to represent 1-dime...

19: DSA practice sheet - maps and sets

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Hi, fellow coders. If you are learning to code, you better need some hands on task done and apply your knowledge. Here is a sheet of maps and sets questions. I am here for you, just hang in there ;) Warm-up:

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20: Learning through mistakes in MERN

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Learning through mistakes While we learn to code. The most disheartening things for us are bugs and errors. I don't know whether people feel the same while working, but it feels really embarrassing while learning. However, it is a part of the proces...

21: Comment les antisémites utilisent l'IA pour soutenir le Hamas

Le Big Data (dataviz)

Des groupes extrémistes utilisent l’IA pour aggraver l’antisémitisme en exploitant le conflit Israël-Hamas. Les groupes haineux ont habilement exploité l’IA … Cet article Comment les antisémites utilisent l’IA pour soutenir le Hamas a été publié sur LEBIGDATA.FR.

22: 01. Hello Pandas '

Hashnode - python (python)

Pandas is an open-source Python library developed by Wes McKinney in 2008. It is used in data science, data analysis, and other machine-learning activities. It is very fast and provides many tools for effectively handling large amounts of data. It is...

23: Learning JavaScript 100Devs

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Embarking on the Coding Odyssey with #100Devs In the enthralling realm of coding adventures, I've recently set sail on a captivating journey with the #100Devs program alongside the exceptional guide, Leon Noel. His prowess in unraveling the intricaci...

24: Votre voiture vous espionne, et surveille même votre vie sexuelle

Le Big Data (dataviz)

Si vous pensiez être en sécurité dans votre véhicule, détrompez-vous. Mozilla a révélé que votre voiture vous espionne, surpassant même … Cet article Votre voiture vous espionne, et surveille même votre vie sexuelle a été publié sur LEBIGDATA.FR.

25: JavaScript Engine Behind the Scenes

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

JavaScript is a high-level programming language designed to be understood by humans, as opposed to machine language (a series of 1s and 0s), which is designed for computer understanding. Higher-level programming languages are developer-friendly, with...

26: Harnessing the Power of FutureBuilder in Flutter: A Practical Guide

Hashnode - Flutter (Flutter)

Flutter, Google's versatile UI toolkit, provides developers with powerful tools to create robust and responsive applications. Among these tools, the FutureBuilder widget stands out as an essential component for handling asynchronous operations and up...

27: Exploring Flutter's StreamBuilder and Streams: A Comprehensive Guide

Hashnode - Flutter (Flutter)

Flutter, Google's open-source UI software development toolkit, empowers developers to create natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. One of the powerful features in Flutter is the use of streams and the Str...

28: The Array -> in Easiest Way

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Sure, here are 25 questions about arrays, ranging from beginner to advanced: Beginner Questions 1-What is an array' 2-How do you declare an array in different programming languages' 3-What is the difference between a one-dimensional array and a multi...

29: Python Music Recommender: A Practical Guide Part-5

Hashnode - python (python)

This article aims to outline the basics of building an image that runs a Python application in a container. In our case, it's a Streamlit app that we created in the previous blog. Before starting open the Command Line app on your computer and log in...

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30: Python Music Recommender: A Practical Guide Part-4

Hashnode - python (python)

In this tutorial, we will learn how to build a simple music recommendation system using Streamlit and the Spotify API. Streamlit is a Python framework that allows you to quickly create web applications. With Streamlit, you can create interactive dash...

31: Python Music Recommender: A Practical Guide Part-3

Hashnode - python (python)

Inspiration to continue the project Yes, I am back with the same project but this time it's a little bit different. When using music streaming services I often find that the recommendations simply aren't very good. Perhaps it's because the music I li...

32: What Is an Interpreter ' Complete Guide

Game dev academy (Jeux)

Have you ever wondered how your favorite games or applications understand the code written by developers' The answer lies in the mysterious yet fundamental concept of interpreters in programming. Interpreters ... Read more

33: What Is a Compiler ' Complete Guide

Game dev academy (Jeux)

Welcome to an exciting journey through the world of compilers! If you’ve ever wondered how your beautifully written Python code transforms into an application that your computer can actually run, ... Read more

34: What Is Source Code ' Complete Guide

Game dev academy (Jeux)

Welcome to our journey through the fascinating realm of source code! If you’ve ever been intrigued by how the apps and games you use every day are made, or if ... Read more

35: What Are Comments In Programming ' Complete Guide

Game dev academy (Jeux)

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on one of the foundational best practices of programming: using comments in your code. Regardless of your familiarity with programming, understanding and leveraging comments is ... Read more

36: What Is Pseudocode ' Complete Guide

Game dev academy (Jeux)

Welcome to our tutorial on pseudocode, a fundamental skill that transcends specific programming languages. Here, we dive into the concept of pseudocode and explore how it can be an invaluable ... Read more

37: What Is Recursion ' Complete Guide

Game dev academy (Jeux)

Welcome to a journey through the conceptual labyrinths of recursion! If you’ve ever felt intrigued by the Russian doll-esque layering of functions within functions, this tutorial will unravel the recursion ... Read more

38: What Is Type Casting ' Complete Guide

Game dev academy (Jeux)

Welcome to the world of type casting, a fundamental concept in programming that you’re likely to encounter no matter which language you dive into. Understanding type casting is crucial for ... Read more

39: What Is a Boolean In Programming ' Complete Guide

Game dev academy (Jeux)

Welcome to a comprehensive tutorial where today we’ll be delving into the world of Boolean programming. Whether you’re just beginning your coding adventure or you’re a seasoned programmer brushing up ... Read more

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40: What Are Switch Statements ' Complete Guide

Game dev academy (Jeux)

Welcome to a journey through the wonders of switch statements, a fundamental component of decision making in programming. As you embark on this learning adventure, envision switch statements as your ... Read more

41: What Are Conditional Statements ' Complete Guide

Game dev academy (Jeux)

Welcome to the world of conditional statements, an essential element in programming that steers the flow of execution based on certain conditions. Imagine you’re crafting a game where a character ... Read more

42: Day 6: Operators in Python for DevOps

Hashnode - python (python)

Welcome back to our Python for DevOps series! Today, we'll dive into the world of operators'an essential aspect of scripting and automation. Understanding operators is crucial for performing calculations, comparisons, and logical operations in your D...

43: JavaScript Array Slice vs. Splice: Understanding the Differences

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

JavaScript, often regarded as the oracle of web development, relies on arrays as a fundamental data structure for organizing and storing elements. It also employs helper methods, such as slice and splice, to access and modify arrays. In this article,...

44: Top GitHub Resources to Level Up Your Python game

Hashnode - python (python)

' Are you secretly relieved that the era of semicolons is behind you' Whether you're just starting with Python or looking to boost your skills, GitHub is like a virtual toolbox filled with helpful resources. In this blog, I'm going to guide you th...

45: Setting Up RabbitMQ Clusters for High Availability

Hashnode - python (python)

RabbitMQ, the open-source message broker, is a vital tool for managing communication between different parts of an application. In this article, we're diving deep into setting up RabbitMQ clusters for high availability using Python. We'll cover every...

46: Unlimited Background Color Changer using Javascript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Unlimited Colors is a project built using the concepts of events and DOM in Javascript. Events are occurrences that can trigger certain functionality and can result in certain behavior. A common example of an event is a 'click', or a 'hover'. Here ar...

47: Weekend Reading ' AI cycling

Lab notes (Développement)

This week we complain about GitHub Actions, find the perfect t-shirt, hallucinate to the dictionary, and learn more about the world around us.

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