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Webriche: les veilleurs ne dorment jamais...

Ci dessous, les actualités de quelques sites qui ont tout mon intérêt (à différents niveaux).

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Samedi 17 Avril 2021 (9)

1: Real World Example of Using Trees

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

The Problem Well this happened a year back but the problem was interesting, so I decided to post about it. Here's a little backstory. During the initial few months on my job, a senior called me and gave me a hard problem. It was based on a requiremen...

2: How to Hide your React Source Code from Chrome Dev Tools when Deployed to Production

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Do you know that when you deploy your React application which is created using create-react-app or your own webpack configuration to a live website like Netlify, Vercel, Heroku etc, your entire source code is visible to everyone from the sources tab ...

3: Custom Arguments with Jest

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Jest is a powerful test runner, assertion library, and simple to use. Personally, It has replaced other configurations I've used like Mocha, Chai, Sinon for my Javascript testing. But one thing I really wished for, in Jest, is the ability to enable ...

4: 5 things that I do when stuck in a programming problem

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

''''': I'm ''''' '' ' ''''''''''' ''''''' and because of that I'm frustrated. '''' '''''' ' ''' '': Don't worry Vivek ' '''' '''' ''' ''''' ' '''''' '''' ' '' '''' '''...

5: Introduction to Programming with Python

Hashnode - python (python)

This article will cover the following three points. What is programming languages' How does computer programming work' Introduction to Python' Can computer talk like a human' No, Computers can not understand the language that we human understand....

6: Day27 - Fastest Way to Combine Dictionaries

Hashnode - python (python)

We know the fastest way to combine lists. Today we will try to find the fastest way to combine dictionaries We will be considering the following ways Using a for loop Using the update() method Using the ChainMap Function Using the unpacking operator...

7: Odds of Dying and Winning Mega Millions Lottery

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Was motivated by number deaths related to complications with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Wanted try using some animations with Python, but ended up with more experience with chartJs. Odds of winning mega millions: 1/302*10^6 * 100 => 3.3112 * 10^...

8: What are different method of object constructor'

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

This short post will discuss with you about what are different methods of object constructor. There are generally 4 methods of it we'll discuss about them. Methods of Object Constructor Object.keys(obj) - Returns an array of keys Object.values(obj...

9: Tutors You Should Check Out On Udemy As An Upcoming Web Developer

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

DISCALIMER I was not paid by any of the mentioned tutors to put this up. I'm not an affiliate of any of them too. This article was compiled based on positive reviews on Udemy and individuals in the web development field, the willingness to promote ex...

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Ceci est un site qui explore certains mécanismes du Web 2.0, histoire de jouer avec tout ça...
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Expérimental, c'est un site collaboratif à usage d'une seule personne. Ou presque.

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