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Webriche: les veilleurs ne dorment jamais...

Ci dessous, les actualités de quelques sites qui ont tout mon intérêt (à différents niveaux).

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Vendredi 23 Septembre 2022 (143)

1: Solving A Leetcode problem Day-3/10

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Today is day 3 of the #14G10daysofcode challenge given by Ingressive4good. Today we are given a pretty simple question on leetcode. Palindrome Number (Difficulty - Easy) Question Given an integer x, return true if x is palindrome integer. An integer...

2: DOM Manipulation For Newbies

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

So whenever we open a website there's usually buttons that link to other pages of the webpage or a sign up button to create a profile on the site. The DOM is what makes these actions possible,now,before we get into the DOM, we need to understand tha...

3: Python - Convert NumPy Array to List

Digital Ocean Tutorials (Internet)

### Introduction With [NumPy](, [`np.array`] objects can be converted to a list with the `tolist()` function. The `tolist()` function doesn't accept any arguments. If the array is one-dimensional, a list with the array elements is returned. For a multi-dimensional array, a nested list is returned. ## Converting one-dimensional NumPy Array to List Let [...]

4: TikTok video descriptions now have a 2,200 character limit

Search engine land (Référencement)

TikTok tells users that adding longer descriptions makes them more likely to show in people's "For You" pages. The post TikTok video descriptions now have a 2,200 character limit appeared first on Search Engine Land.

5: Setup Your First Nextjs Project

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Install Tools First download Nodejs and node package manager (NPM) from official Nodejs Website, and install in your machine. Next, install git from official git website. Create github account if haven't already. Create a new github reposit...

6: 5 Best Accounting Software for Small Business & Personal Finance Management

Smashing apps (Internet / Design)

When people are searching for with a questions that what are options for Accounting Software […]

7: 5 Best Accounting Software for Small Business & Personal Finance Management

Smashing apps (Internet / Design)

When people are searching for with a questions that what are options for Accounting Software […]

8: 5 Best Accounting Software for Small Business & Personal Finance Management

Smashing apps (Internet / Design)

When people are searching for with a questions that what are options for Accounting Software […]

9: Day 3 - Palindrome Number - Leetcode Problem Solved

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

The Task Given an integer x, return true if x is palindrome integer. An integer is a palindrome when it reads the same backward as forward. For example, 121 is a palindrome while 123 is not. Example 1: Input: x = 121 Output: true Explanation: 121 r...

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10: Undefined v/s Not Defined : JavaScript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

undefined is a very special keyword in JavaScript and is not present in other languages. JavaScript code is executed in a different way. It creates a global execution context and allocates memory to all variables and functions even before a single li...

11: HTTP-Only Cookies Authentication with Next.js

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Greeting! folks, If you don't want to save your JWT token on the client side then I believe that's why you're here, So welcome. In this article am going to show you how to handle authentication, JWT & HttpOnly Cookies with Next.js. This example will ...

12: Correcteurs orthographiques des moteurs de recherche : gare à vos données personnelles

Le Big Data (dataviz)

Des chercheurs ont découvert que les correcteurs orthographiques de Chrome et Edge transféraient certaines informations personnelles à Google et Microsoft. … Cet article Correcteurs orthographiques des moteurs de recherche : gare à vos données personnelles a été publié sur

13: How to Read and Write from CSV File in Nodejs

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Hello Guys, here goes another tutorial from my side, today I was building an application, and there I had to read and write from Nodejs. After a couple of minutes, I quickly come up with a solution thanks to Github Copilot. Well, let's get started on...

14: What is the Cost of Europe's Energy Crisis'

Visual Capitalist (dataviz)

As European gas prices soar, countries are introducing policies to try and curb the energy crisis. The post What is the Cost of Europe's Energy Crisis' appeared first on Visual Capitalist.

15: An Introduction to Design Patterns and Pattern Elements

Hashnode - Flutter (Flutter)

Hi, I am Michael, a Tech enthusiast and a Flutter Developer. I recently started reading a book by Gang of Four : Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object. So, I decided to share and contribute my knowledge to the Flutter community. And this artic...

16: Prefix vs Postfix operators. What's the difference'

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

If you're like me, you've probably had this question for a while and seen answers along the lines of, "Prefix returns the new value while postfix returns the old one". But then that leaves you even more confused when you try to apply it in your code....

17: Troubleshooting a Next.js app with ESLint

Log Rocket blog (Web 2)

Learn how to troubleshoot bugs in a Next.js app with ESlint ' a useful tool that enforces code styles and keeps your code clean. The post Troubleshooting a Next.js app with ESLint appeared first on LogRocket Blog.

18: Zilliqa : tout savoir sur la première console de jeux Web3

Le Big Data (dataviz)

L’entreprise de blockchain Zilliqa annonce la première console de jeux vidéo dédiée au Web3. La machine permettra notamment de miner … Cet article Zilliqa : tout savoir sur la première console de jeux Web3 a été publié sur

19: Python Introduction 2022

Hashnode - python (python)

A Beginner's Guide For Python Python has become one of the most popular programming languages in the world in recent years. It's used in everything from machine learning to building websites and software testing. It can be used by developers and non...

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21: Python : tout savoir sur le bug qui menace le monde du logiciel open-source

Le Big Data (dataviz)

Une vulnérabilité découverte en 2007 dans le code du langage Python n’a jamais été patchée, et refait surface aujourd’hui suite … Cet article Python : tout savoir sur le bug qui menace le monde du logiciel open-source a été publié sur

22: Map, Filter & Reduce Functions in JavaScript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Prerequisite Functions are first-class citizens in JavaScript, which means that we can take a function and pass it as an argument to a function. A function which is been passed as an argument is known as Callback Function. A function which takes ano...

23: How To Customize WordPress Block Theme Cover Templates with Dynamic Post Feature Images

css-tricks (CSS)

If we browse the WordPress theme directory, a majority of themes showcase cover images. It is a feature in popular demand. The cover page trend is true even in the block theme directory screenshots as well. Let's consider the … How To Customize WordPress Block Theme Cover Templates with Dynamic Post Feature Images originally published on CSS-Tricks, which is part of the DigitalOcean family. [...]

24: ServiceNow Tokyo améliore l'automatisation des flux RH et supply chain

Le monde informatique (Internet / Informatique)

Pour aider à répondre aux besoins des entreprises qui cherchent à fixer un cap dans des conditions économiques incertaines (...)

25: La Mêlée Numérique fait son festival

Le monde informatique (Internet / Informatique)

C'est un événement festif et de grande ampleur que La Mêlée organise du 27 septembre au 4 octobre 2022. Pour la 22e année (...)

26: Console Methods

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Hello Everyone '. Utill now you must have must have used console.log() method to display something in console of browser or in node, but today I will tell you about 5 methods which will help you display things in better way so sit back and give it a...

27: How to draw POLYSTATIC

TanglePatterns (Zentangle)

Online instructions for drawing CZT® Lucy Farran's Zentangle® pattern: Polystatic. Continue reading this - An index and graphic guide to the best Zentangle® patterns on the web and how to draw them  

28: Building Rust microservices with Apache Kafka

Log Rocket blog (Web 2)

In this article, you'll learn how to build a basic Rust microservice with Apache Kafka to store and delete texts. The post Building Rust microservices with Apache Kafka appeared first on LogRocket Blog.

29: Automated Data Entry

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Created an automated data entry for Excel Software. Pls check it out below. I customize it to suite your need if need be. #python #100DaysOfCode #OpenSource #backend #100Devs Source Code Programming Language used: Python Automation is the way!!!

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30: Contact us form made easy with Fabform on Static Website

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

In this article, we'll be looking at how to use Fabform Forms to manage the contact us forms on a static website. Powerful Forms Backend. No Server Code is required. Easy setup. Simply set your form's action to our endpoint, add unique names to ...

31: Lenovo rafraîchit ses solutions pour datacenter

Le monde informatique (Internet / Informatique)

Les fournisseurs d'équipements IT ont l'habitude de faire des annonces de mises à jour produits par produits. Lenovo n'est (...)

32: Housing market cooldown

Flowing data (dataviz)

I heard you like spiral charts when the data is seasonal. I think…Tags: housing, Washington Post

33: Création de sites web et dataviz au menu de la suite Visual de Canva

Le monde informatique (Internet / Informatique)

Avec sa suite Visual Workplace, l'entreprise australienne Canva veut rendre la collaboration des travailleurs distants plus efficace, où qu'ils (...)

34: How to Build a Serverless API using AWS lambda, API gateway, DynamoDB and Node.js

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Introduction Recently, I was tasked with building a serverless application for an NFT valuation service, this was not my first time working with the serverless framework, and I've always enjoyed the process of building serverless applications. In thi...

35: A partir de 2025, il sera obligatoire d'avoir un compte Google pour utiliser un appareil Fitbit

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

A partir de 2025, les usagers d'appareils Fitbit seront obligés de disposer d'un compte Google s'ils veulent continuer à les utiliser. Ce n'était pas le cas jusqu'à présent, malgré le rachat. En théorie, ce changement ne devrait pas permettre à l'entreprise américaine d'utiliser les données de [& [...]

36: Glovo (Delivery Hero) écope d'une amende de 79 millions d'euros en Espagne

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

L'Espagne inflige une amende de 79 millions d'euros à Glovo pour travail dissimulé. Le service de livraison, désormais détenu par Delivery Hero, est également contraint de régulariser 10600 livreurs exerçants via sa plateforme. L'Espagne inflige une amende de 79 millions d'euros à Glovo, désormais détenu par  [...]

37: Let And Const In Javascript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Do you know that before ES6(2015) , JavaScript had only global scope and function scope and for declaring a variable we can use var keyword . In 2015 ES6 introduced two new keywords : let and const. In this blog we will discussed more about these key...

38: Create an easy, reliable, and clean UI in Unity

Log Rocket blog (Web 2)

Here's what Unity offers for UI elements, how to develop an interface structure, and how to use free assets and tools to enhance visual UI. The post Create an easy, reliable, and clean UI in Unity appeared first on LogRocket Blog.

39: Using Mason and bricks in your Flutter app: Beginner's guide

Hashnode - Flutter (Flutter)

Originally posted to Codemagic blog and written by Hrishikesh Pathak. TL;DR: Mason is a Dart package that allows you to create files and directories based on templates. You can use Mason in your Flutter projects by first creating and registering the ...

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40: Comment la VR vient une nouvelle fois au secours de la chirurgie (Réalité Virtuelle)

Selon des chercheurs du Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, l'immersion en réalité virtuelle pourrait réduire […] Cet article Comment la VR vient une nouvelle fois au secours de la chirurgie a été publié sur Réalité

41: Dreamforce 2022 : Hyperforce enfin disponible en France

Le monde informatique (Internet / Informatique)

En direct de San Francisco. L'heure est à la régulation et Salesforce l'a bien compris. L'éditeur californien a (...)

42: Emploi IT: L'Apec table sur des recrutements records en 2022

Le monde informatique (Internet / Informatique)

La dynamique des recrutements de cadres informaticiens semble se maintenir en dépit des incertitudes économiques dues au contexte géopolitique (...)

43: Python Variables

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

INTRODUCTION: Hey Folks, How you doin'' HOPE u all are doing well! so I am back with another python blog Enjoy!!! OK, so today we are going to talk about Python Variables in detail. Variables: Variables are containers for storing data values. Creati...

44: Design Pattern: Building Extensible and Maintainable Object-Oriented Software

Geek y Ants ()

1. What Is a Design Pattern' A design pattern provides the solution to a commonly occurring problem in a software design. It isnt a finished design that can directly be implemented on the code. It is a description or template for how to solve a problem that can be used in many different solutions. Concepts to remember: A pattern is a solution to a problem in a context. The context is a sit [...]

45: Say Hi to Inga!

Data Wrapper ()

After welcoming our new data vis developer Elliot and our full-stack developer Doce, our third...

46: 4 Ways to Recruit for Your Team's Most Niche Roles

Noupe (conception)

Every business is unique. And because of this, every team is unique too. Within your own company, you may very well have various team structures, staffing protocols, and managing principles. This makes sense, as different roles and responsibilities have different needs from an organizational point of view.  Like it or not, there is no cookie... The post 4 Ways to Recruit for Your [...]

47: Creating a custom mouse cursor with CSS

Log Rocket blog (Web 2)

Learn how to use CSS to create custom cursors to engage your users and create a memorable, immersive experience for them on your website. The post Creating a custom mouse cursor with CSS appeared first on LogRocket Blog.

48: Corrompre les données plutôt que les chiffrer, dernière martingale des pirates

Le monde informatique (Internet / Informatique)

Les ransomwares ont commencé à se répandre comme des escroqueries amenant les utilisateurs étaient amenés à payer (...)

49: What is the product development lifecycle' 5 stages and examples

Log Rocket blog (Web 2)

As with every process in agile development, the product development lifecycle is designed to help teams deliver value quickly and effectively through learning and iteration. The post What is the product development lifecycle' 5 stages and examples appeared first on LogRocket Blog.

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50: 3 Machine Learning & Data Science Challenge 3

Hashnode - python (python)

OLS Stats Model (Ordinary Least Square) OLS is a stats model, which will help us in identifying the more significant features that can have an influence on the output. OLS model in python is executed as: lm = smf.ols(formula = 'Sales ~ am+consta...

51: Multi-tenancy Using Spring Boot - Shared Schema Subdomain Identifier Architecture

Geek y Ants ()

Introduction : Multi-tenancy means that multiple customers of an application are using the same codebase and server but with different databases. Despite the fact that they share resources, customers aren't aware of each other, and their data is kept totally separate and safe. Use Cases: Let's understand the use cases in a simpler way, let's assume we have developed an application that is configur [...]

52: Immunefi, plateforme de bug bounty spécialisée dans la blockchain, lève 24 millions de dollars

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

La start-up singapourienne Immunefi a une mission : aider les entreprises du web3 à détecter les vulnérabilités de leurs applications. Un marché qui a de beaux jours devant lui. Les investisseurs d'Immunefi, qui a annoncé une levée de fonds de 24 millions de dollars le 22 septembre, ne prennent pas trop de risque en estimant son marché.&n [...]

53: Built a Breakout game

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Hey guys, In this article I will show you how I built a breakout game using HTML canvas, CSS and Javascript. Using a single ball, the player must knock down as many bricks as possible by using the walls and/or the paddle below to hit the ball against...

54: You Can Now Be a Landlord in the Metaverse!

Geek y Ants ()

The metaverse is heating up. Not hot, like a delicious meal or a hot dog! This mostly fictitious virtual world is becoming as hot as the real estate market because it has recently been one. The metaverse, powered by cryptocurrencies, is undoubted, the most enticing incentive for real estate investors. Many people are surprised by the concept of virtual lands, but for those familiar with games like [...]

55: BMW investit dans Alitheon pour sa solution d'authentification et de traçabilité des pièces

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

La contrefaçon est un vrai problème dans le milieu industriel. La start-up Alitheo, qui lève 10 millions d'euros, développe une solution pour identifier, authentifier et tracer chaque pièce. Sa solution FeaturePrint a séduit BMW qui investit dans la jeune pousse. BMW investit dans Alitheon via son fonds BMW i Ventures. La start-up […]  [...]

56: Coding challenge Day-3

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Palindrome Number Used JavaScript for the challenge Today's challenge was bit more fun and I had a clear idea immediately I saw the question. This was the fastest I have solved since the start of the challenge. Local agba dev stays winning I guess'...

57: Nvidia introduit une amélioration pour propulser le metaverse et le rendre plus accessible (Réalité Virtuelle)

Bientôt, Nvidia alimentera sa version du metaverse avec la même infrastructure qui alimente la plate-forme […] Cet article Nvidia introduit une amélioration pour propulser le metaverse et le rendre plus accessible a été publié sur Réalité

58: FOO : que savoir sur cette variable métasyntaxique populaire

Le Big Data (dataviz)

Retrouvée dans le langage des programmeurs informatiques, Foo revêt une utilité particulière. Que faut-il savoir de cette variable métasyntaxique ' FOO : … Cet article FOO : que savoir sur cette variable métasyntaxique populaire a été publié sur

59: Voyage VR : Les meilleures expériences de voyage en réalité virtuelle (Réalité Virtuelle)

La pandémie du coronavirus a été une rude épreuve pour l'industrie du voyage grand public. […] Cet article Voyage VR : Les meilleures expériences de voyage en réalité virtuelle a été publié sur Réalité

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60: Lists and Keys in React

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Did you know that React has a built-in method that automatically assigns the keys for you when rendering a list of children' If you are new to React, you might be wondering what keys are and what they do. If you are familiar to keys and lists, you ca...

61: Test Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3ème Gen) : une tablette abordable et bien équilibrée (Mobiles / Tablettes)

Que vaut la tablette Tab M10 Plus de troisième génération ' On vous dit tout dans notre test complet !

62: Some of the Most Popular CSS Text Animations

Geek y Ants ()

What Is an Animation' Animation is a method to create movements in a sequence. What are CSS Animations' CSS animations are used to animate transitions from one CSS style configuration to a new style. The idea behind this is to create an animation of a Text element using CSS. Let us have a look at some of these animations and the code to implement them. Some of the most popular Design Examples incl [...]

63: A Closer Look At Generics

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Generic Types ("Generics") can be tricky to wrap your head around. But indeed, we are working with them all the time - one of the most prominent examples is an array. Consider this example array: let numbers = [1, 2, 3]; Here, the type is inferred, b...

64: JvmStatic Annotation in Kotlin

Hashnode - Kotlin (Mobiles)

I am Amit Shekhar, a mentor helping developers in getting high-paying tech jobs. In this blog, we are going to learn about the JvmStatic annotation in Kotlin. This article was originally published at The best thing about Kotlin is tha...

65: Lessons Learned As A Designer-Founder

Smashing magazine (Web 2 / CSS)

In this article, Dave Feldman shares his lessons learned and the experiments has done as a multidisciplinary designer-founder-CEO at an early-stage startup. Let's take a look at what it is that makes a great design process for teams of any size.

66: Day 3 of 10: IngressiveForGood 10 Days of Code Challenge

Hashnode - python (python)

Tattarattat (knocks on door). It's Day 3 and today is all about Palindromes!!! Palin-the-what-now' A Palindrome is a word, number, phrase or sentence that reads the same backwards or forwards. Examples include mom, racecar, tattarattat, 1234321, "was...

67: Lateinit and Lazy

Hashnode - Kotlin (Mobiles)

Kotlin is modern day gem that has proved itself to be very useful language for android developers. It comes up with features that are easy to use and most importantly very understandable for developers of any background, be it Java, JavaScript or eve...

68: CockroachDB disponible en version serverless

Le monde informatique (Internet / Informatique)

Créée en 2015, Cockroach Labs se positionne sur le marché - bien garni - des bases de données cloud distribuées (...)

69: Data horror stories song

Flowing data (dataviz)

Rafael Moral sang a very nerdy data analyst song, to the tune of…Tags: humor, Rafael Moral

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70: Allan Thygesen devient CEO de Docusign

Le monde informatique (Internet / Informatique)

Dirigé par intérim par Maggie Wilderotter après le départ en juin dernier de Dan Springer, Docusign a un nouveau CEO en la (...)

71: Monads in Javascript - I

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Hello Folks! So recently I got a chance to learn about Monads in javascript & I must say it was a hell of an experience. I spent some time learning the use cases & the exact definition of Monads in Javascript. Unfortunately, most internet posts are f...

72: Les pratiques de conservation des données personnelles par Europol inquiètent le Contrôleur européen

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

Le Contrôleur européen de la protection des données s'inquiète de voir Europol autoriser à nouveau de conserver des données personnelles d'individus n'ayant aucun lien avec une activité criminelle. Il lui avait intimé de mettre fin à ses pratiques en janvier dernier. Le législateur européen en a […] [...]

73: 'JavaScript: Factory Function '

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Hey there!' In this tutorial, you will learn about the JavaScript factory functions which are functions that return objects. A factory function is a normal function in JavaScript with one difference ' It returns an object literal. What is Factory ...

74: The biggest mystery of Google's algorithm: Everything ever said about clicks, CTR and bounce rate

Search engine land (Référencement)

There's good reason to suspect that Google uses CTR as a ranking factor. Here's how Google addressed the topic over the years. The post The biggest mystery of Google's algorithm: Everything ever said about clicks, CTR and bounce rate appeared first on Search Engine Land.

75: Getty Images interdit les images générées par des systèmes d'intelligence artificielle

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

Avec la multiplication des outils, Getty Images a décidé d'interdire les images générées à l'aide de systèmes d'intelligence artificielle sur son site. L'agence souhaite protéger ses clients face aux nombreuses questions relatives aux droits d'auteur que soulèvent ces générateurs de contenu, sachant&nb [...]

76: The Simplest Approach to JavaScript Promises

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

One of the funniest and most difficult topics for beginners I've come across in JavaScript is JavaScript Promise. Sometimes, you might come across Developers who think Promises can't be understood without prior knowledge about callbacks but I do not ...

77: JAPAN: Call For Opinions on The Frequency Restructuring Action Plan (FY2020 version)

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has created the 'Frequency Reorganization Action Plan (FY2022 Version) (Draft)' in order to implement the specific frequency reorganization smoothly and steadily. Therefore, they are soliciting opin...

78: MEXICO: IFT Announced The Acceptance and Entry Into Force of The Technical Provision ' IFT-011-2022 (Part 3)

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

THE IFT APPROVES THE TECHNICAL PROVISION FOR MOBILE PHONES TO RECEIVE ALERT MESSAGES DUE TO RISK OR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS (IFT-011-2022 / PART 3) The specifications of Mobile Terminal Equipment (cell phones and/or smartphones) are established for the ...

79: Getting Started with Cypress in React - E2E Testing

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

By the end of this article, you will know how to start writing your own Cypress tests. My aim is to give you the minimum amount of information to get started. I believe the best way to learn is to get started as quickly as possible. When you get stuc...

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80: Vpn extension : découvrez le meilleur extension vpn pour Chrome

Le Big Data (dataviz)

À l'heure où la toile regorge d'individus malveillants et où l'espionnage en ligne ainsi que le vol de données personnelles … Cet article Vpn extension : découvrez le meilleur extension vpn pour Chrome a été publié sur

81: Votre première application Svelte

Alsacreations (Accessibilité / CSS)

Sans avoir à télécharger ou à installer quoi que ce soit, vous allez apprendre tout ce que vous devez savoir sur Svelte. Svelte est un framework orienté composants et réactivité (comme React ou Vue), mais avec des différences majeures dans son architecture : pas de Virtual DOM, une transformation des instructions dès la compilation en JavaScript qui va directement modifier le DOM. Ainsi [...]

82: 10 extensions Chrome gratuites pour gagner en productivité

Blog du Moderateur ()

Voici 10 extensions Chrome qui vont vous faciliter la tâche au quotidien.

83: La compagnie TAP Air Portugal est victime d'une importante fuite de données clients

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

Après British Airways et Cathay Pacific et Air India, c'est au tour de TAP Air Portugal d'être victime d'une fuite de données. Des hackers ont réussi à s'infiltrer en août dans son système d'information, de dérober des informations sensibles (nom, adresse, email, numéro de voyageur...) puis de les publier sur le  [...]

84: Gestion de projet : 10 conseils pour être plus efficace grâce à

Blog du Moderateur ()

L'agence, spécialiste dans le déploiement et l'utilisation de, nous donne 10 conseils pour être plus efficace et plus productif.

85: Anne Arthaud nommée DG adjointe de Crédit Agricole Group Infrastructure Platform

Le monde informatique (Internet / Informatique)

À compter du 19 septembre 2022, Anne Arthaud est nommée directrice générale adjointe de CA-GIP (Crédit Agricole Group (...)

86: Laurent Curny nommé directeur général France, Belgique et Pays-Bas d' Avanade

Le monde informatique (Internet / Informatique)

Avanade, intégrateur spécialisé dans les solutions Microsoft, annonce la nomination de Laurent Curny à sa direction générale (...)

87: Les clés de Devensys Cybersecurity pour bien recruter

Le monde informatique (Internet / Informatique)

ESN spécialisée en sécurité informatique, Devensys Cybersecurity a vu son chiffre d'affaires passer de 581 M' à (...)

88: La grande transformation analytique d'American Airlines

Le monde informatique (Internet / Informatique)

La pandémie de Covid-19 a provoqué de sérieuses turbulences dans les compagnies aériennes. Jusqu'à aujourd'hui, alors (...)

89: 8 mois de prison pour l'ancien ingénieur de Broadcom accusé de vol de secrets commerciaux

Le monde informatique (Internet / Informatique)

Selon un communiqué du bureau du procureur des États-Unis pour le district nord de la Californie, un ancien employé du concepteur (...)

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90: L'Ukraine joue la carte de la séduction pour piéger les soldats russes

Le Big Data (dataviz)

Selon un rapport du quotidien britannique Financial Times, des hackers ukrainiens ont créé de faux profils de jeunes femmes pour … Cet article L'Ukraine joue la carte de la séduction pour piéger les soldats russes a été publié sur

91: Implementing An External API using the JavaScript DOM.

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

In our previous article, we went through various ways to manipulate the DOM.. In this article, we will be communicating with the server. In our case, we would like to see some Kanye West tweets displayed on our web page from the server. The goal is: ...

92: Objets de collection, seconde main' eBay France joue son come-back en exprimant sa différence

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

La place de marché lance une grande campagne de communication pour retrouver de la traction sur un marché de l'e-commerce très disputé, notamment en C2C. Pour cela, eBay France exprime son identité, désormais très liée à la consommation responsable. Pour marquer le coup, la plateforme annonce qu'elle ne participera pas au Black [...]

93: Javascript Interview Cheatsheet

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

In this article, we are going to discuss some important topics of js which are asked during the interview. Scope Call stack Is Javascript single-threaded' Hoisting Let's Begin:- Scope Scope in JavaScript defines the accessibility of variables, obje...

94: iPhone : 5 astuces pour vos captures d'écran

Blog du Moderateur ()

Découvrez des astuces pour faciliter et personnaliser vos captures d'écran sur iPhone.

95: Le typage avec Sorbet

Synbioz ()

Ruby est typé dynamiquement, c'est ce qui fait son charme, mais dans certaines situations cela peut s'avérer être un frein au développement si on n'a pas les bons outils pour détecter les erreurs rapidement. Qui ne s'est jamais trompé sur le type d'un paramètre ou fait une faute de syntaxe lors d'un appel de méthode un peu obscure '

96: L'usage des emojis par les Français et les Américains : quelles différences '

Blog du Moderateur ()

Adobe a dévoilé les résultats d'une étude mondiale "Adobe Future of Creativity" sur le rôle et l'impact des emojis dans la communication digitale.

97: Props drilling talk in React

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

There are 2 common ways to solve Props drilling in React: use ContextAPI/Redux and use React Composition. In this article i will go through the ContextAPI usage and React composition. Drawback of Context in solving Prop drilling in React: reusability...

98: Creating custom services in medusa

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Now that we know how to use an existing service in our routes. Let's take it to. The next level and see how we can create our service even. A service is something that you can use throughout your application. Let's say we want to add a translation se...

99: Javascript Star Patterns 4

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Javascript Star Patterns Javascript Star Patterns Learn How to make patterns in Javascript. This Practical Will help You to learn Javascript Nested HTML

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100: A Robust Development Stack for Your next dApp

Geek y Ants ()

Introduction Choosing a Web3 stack can get complicated and intimidating, given that it is a complex ecosystem and there are multiple options to choose from. This article attempts to compile a development stack to help you get started on your next dApp. The Web3 stack/setup (the libraries and development environment) both Local and testnet env. Steps involved: Frontend Framework for UI - React / [...]

101: Innovafeed, Bump, ClubFunding Group' Les levées de fonds de la French Tech cette semaine

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

Les start-up de la French Tech ont levé près de 700 millions d'euros cette semaine, d'après le décompte hebdomadaire d'eCAP PARTNER pour L’Usine Digitale. Innovafeed a levé 250 M€ Protéines à base d’insectes. Secteur : Restauration, Agro-alimentaire Investisseurs : QIA, Creadev, Temasek, ADM, Cargill, Future French  [...]

102: Javascript Star Patterns 2

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Javascript Star Patterns Learn How to make patterns in Javascript. This Practical Will help You to learn Javascript Nested Loop HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT

103: Challenges In Machine Learning

Hashnode - python (python)

Hello troubleshooters! Machine Learning or ML is one of the most successful applications of Artificial intelligence which provides systems with automated learning without being constantly programmed. It has acquired a ton of noticeable quality lately...

104: Variables And Constants

Hashnode - python (python)

Namaste coders! In this article, we will learn about variables and containers. Variables It is a memory location that store Literal value. This location must be referred by a valid identifier. Variables are like a container in which we store data. ...

105: "yield" keyword in Python

Hashnode - python (python)

"yield" is a Python keyword that can be used in a function instead of return. def scale_vector(vector, n): return [return v*n for v in vector] vs def scale_vector(vector, n): for v in vector: yield v * n The first scale...

106: Deep tech : Prophesee lève 50 millions de dollars pour son capteur bio-inspiré

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

Prophesee, spécialiste français de la vision par ordinateur, boucle un tour de table de série C de 50 millions d'euros. De quoi poursuivre le développement de son capteur d'image novateur et s'attaquer au marché du smartphone et de l'AR/VR. Le constructeur chinois Xiaomi est au rang des investisseurs. La start-up française Prophesee, [ [...]

107: Shotstack's Virtual Hackathon: Join us to Build awesome media apps

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

We're excited to announce that Shotstack's first-ever virtual hackathon is starting on 26th September 2022. Shotstack is inviting builders from around the world to join us to build awesome media applications. Digital media is an integral part of our...

108: Thoughts on some programming languages

Hashnode - python (python)

Today is September 22 2022, and it's been half a year since I've updated my blog. Both life and work has been busy, but I think it's a good idea to carve out some time now and then to do some writing. As of today, I have been a professional developer...

109: Keywords & Identifiers in Python

Hashnode - python (python)

Namaste Coders! In this article, we will learn about what are identifiers and keywords in Python. Let's discuss comments in bonus section. Keywords Keywords are 'reserved words' that convey a special meaning to the interpreter. Keywords cannot...

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110: Behind the scenes of JavaScript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

JavaScript is a high-level, prototype based object oriented, multi-paradigm, interpreted or just-in-time compiled, dynamic, single-threaded , garbage-collected programming language with first-class functions and a non-blocking event loop concurrency ...

111: STMicroelectronics double la mise sur l'intelligence artificielle à Toulon

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

Implanté à l’intérieur du bâtiment XL360 où un data center et un pôle d’entreprises ont été inaugurés en mai 2022, le nouveau site de STMicroelectronics en Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur combine un centre de R&D et un centre de compétences sur l’intelligence artificielle. La nouvelle étape de&n [...]

112: 5 Essential Technologies for Effective Inventory Control

Best Free Web Resources (Veille)

Whether it's tracking products and maintaining inventory levels or generating work orders and receipts, inventory control covers it all! It is one of the most important subsets of supply chain management that ensures your business runs smoothly. Effective inventory control will bring in profits and reduce labor costs while minimizing mismanagement. It ensures that your […] The post 5 Essenti [...]

113: JS Capsules: Sets

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Introduction A Set is a collection of unique values. The emphasis on unique is because a Set cannot store the same data more than once. It stores each piece of data as a unique key with an inherent value of true. It was introduced in JavaScript ES6 a...

114: 5 Tips for Black Women Learning How to Code

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Black women face unique challenges when attempting to start a career as developers or software engineers. We are often doubted and underestimated, and consequently suffer from lack of representation and made to work twice as hard. YET, we are more t...

115: 5 Tips for Black Women Learning How to Code

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Black women face unique challenges when attempting to start a career as developers or software engineers. We are often doubted and underestimated, and consequently suffer from lack of representation and made to work twice as hard. YET, we are more t...

116: How to Look Out For the Best Graphic Designers

Best Free Web Resources (Veille)

In the era of the modern world, undeniably, everything is technology based. Everything is controlled by computers, from businesses, online marketing, shows, and advertising to website designing. But the question arises who the people involved behind these visuals are' Graphic designers! They are the backbone of the entire graphic art industry that uses their talent […] The post How to Look O [...]

117: localStorage vs sessionStorage

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Introduction localStorage and sessionStorage are objects part of the web storage API. They serve as an advantage when wanting to save data locally as key/value pairs. localStorage - Data is accessible until the browser or web application cache is cl...

118: What Makes Developers Unhappy' (Développement)

Large-scale study with over 2,000 developers that looked to understand the top 10 causes of unhappiness, the top 5 being: (1) Being stuck in problem solving. (2) Time pressure. (3) Bad code quality and coding practice. (4) Under-performing colleague. (5) Feel inadequate with work. And more. 

119: Qwik (Développement)

The HTML-first framework. Instant apps with ~ 1kb JS.

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120: Resources For Navigating Complex Leadership Work (Développement)

A resource hub for leaders and managers on 9 key topics including: (1) Influence & managing up. (2) Leading through crises. (3) Cross-functional relationships. (4) One-on-ones. (5) Hiring. (6) Meetings. (7) Feedback & performance reviews. (8) Communication & team dynamics. (9) Adapting your approach.

121: A Few Thoughts About Uber's Breach (Développement)

"Allegedly, an 18 year old spammed an employee with 2FA via push notifications on an employee with a known password. They got into the VPN and scanned for servers, found a file share without any access controls, and a script that could access break-the-glass credentials. With the highest level of credentials available, they then got effective root access to Slack, AWS, Google Suite, and active dir [...]

122: 9 Enablement Practices To Achieve DevOps At Enterprise Scale (Développement)

Christian Oestreich, a senior software engineering leader with experience at multiple Fortune 500 companies, shares how to adopt a well-planned metrics-driven strategy that yields better quality code and lowers support costs.

123: Pocketbase (Développement)

Open Source realtime backend in 1 file.

124: The Difficult Life Of The Data Lead (Développement)

"My take on what's the most common root cause for the strain on data managers, is that it's most often with stakeholders. They are not deliberately being difficult (I hope) and often have good intentions to push for their own business goals. But many stakeholders don't know how to work with data people. In high-growth companies you often have stakeholders coming from all kinds of backgrounds." Mik [...]

125: SQLite: Past, Present, And Future (Développement)

"SQLite is an awesome little engine; it reaps the benefits of its size and deployment constraints - single node and mostly single threaded - to keep things simple, agile, and reliable. It is a great motorcycle, but the world also needs fleets of vans and 16-wheelers for high performance scale-out workloads." Murat guides us through SQLite's architecture. 

126: Pointer Sponsor (Développement)

This issue's sponsor is Datadog

127: Regex How-To: Quantifiers, Pattern Collections, And Word Boundaries (Développement)

"You learned to use quantifiers to declare a range of character occurrences to match. Also, you learned that pattern collections enable you to declare character classes that match characters in a generic manner. Groups execute matches that declare a particular set of characters. Word boundaries allow you to make matches by working within the boundaries of space characters and punctuation marks."

128: Wasmtime (Développement)

Fast & secure runtime for WebAssembly.

129: Quality Is Systemic (Développement)

"Software quality is more the result of a system designed to produce quality, and not so much the result of individual performance." Jacob shares examples: (1) Well-designed testing harnesses that make it easy to write tests, and team / company culture that encourages writing good tests. (2) Easy-to-use, high-fidelity dev and staging environments. (3) Codebases that are documented, well-factored, [...]

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130: Slack Machine (Développement)

A simple, yet powerful and extendable Slack bot.

131: Les hommes préhistoriques n'ont pas fini de nous étonner par leur ingéniosité et leur culture' ()

Cette semaine, nous repartons pour un voyage dans le temps, celui du lointain passé de notre espèce, encore bien méconnu et que viennentt éclairer d'une lumière nouvelle de récentes et passionnantes études qui sont en train de bouleverser le regard que nous avons sur nos ancêtres et sur la préhistoire. en lire plus

132: Extractors for ECMAScript

javascriptweekly (Javascript)

#'607 ' September 23, 2022 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Tesseract.js 3.0: Pure JS OCR for Over 100 Languages ' A port of the C++-based Tesseract library commonly used for visual text recognition. It can even work upon videos in real time. v3 boasts a big performance boost with 84% lower running time and now uses SIMD where supported. GitHub repo. T [...]

133: The simple guide to understanding Callback functions in JavaScript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Functions are one of the underlying building blocks in JavaScript. It helps us perform a specific task when it is executed. In this post, we take a look at callback functions with easy to follow explanation and examples. By the end of the article, y...

134: [JavaScript] '' '''''' '''' (descending sort)

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

'' '' '' solution' '' n' ''''' ''''''. n' ' '''' '''' '' ''' ''' ''' ''' ''''''. '''' n' 118372' 873211' '''' '''. '' '' n' 1'' 8000000000 ''' ''''''. ''' ' nreturn 118372873211 ''' ''' '''' ''' '' flip''. '' ''' '''' '''' ''''''.. '' string'' ''...

135: JavaScript check if number is prime

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Here's a simple way to check if element in an array is a prime number. const array = [-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13]; function isPrime(n) { if (n

136: Javascript Spread Operator (...)

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

The spread operator is an additional feature in JavaScript ES6 version. Just as the name implies, spread means to extend, expand or stretch something. The spread operator which is represented by ellipsis (...) is used to expand, spread or copy existi...

137: JavaScript Performance Tips

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

JavaScript, like any language, requires us to be judicious in the use of certain language features. Overuse of some features can decrease performance, while some techniques can be used to increase performance. Tip 1 Avoid try/catch in performance-cr...

138: The Web is Good Now

css-tricks (CSS)

The video of Chris Coyier’s talk at CascadiaJS 2022 is now available. It’s his first in-person talk in more than two years, so it’s great to see our good friend back on stage slinging gems on what makes the web … The Web is Good Now originally published on CSS-Tricks, which is part of the DigitalOcean family. You should get the newsletter.

139: Custom properties don't work with the url() CSS function (tilPost)

Stefan Judis (Développement)

Custom properties and CSS parsing are always good for surprises like !important behaving slightly differently or properties being "invalid at computed value time". Today I discovered yet another surprise ' custom properties don't work in combination with the url() function. ' .something { /* this doesn't work */ --image:; background: url(var(--image)); } R [...]

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