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Webriche: les veilleurs ne dorment jamais...

Ci dessous, les actualités de quelques sites qui ont tout mon intérêt (à différents niveaux).

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Mercredi 31 Aout 2022 (359)

1: JavaScript Functions: Explained for Beginners

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

This article has been updated and further simplified on the NewDev blog Read here A function is a set of statements designed to perform a particular task. Functions are usually referenced by a name, and when this is the case, the set of statements c...

2: The Power of Maybe in TypeScript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

In a perfect world, every function and every API we work with would have one clear type that always gets returned. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world. In the real world, the functions and APIs we use might not have something to return to...

3: Flutter Basic to Advance Concepts!

Hashnode - Flutter (Flutter)

Flutter Basic to Advance Concepts! This is a crash course to learn a few of the advanced topics in flutter using a notes app such as state management, changing themes, storing data in local storage, etc. Final Demo video of the app: Getting Started ...

4: How To Install Java with Apt on Debian 11

Digital Ocean Tutorials (Internet)

### Introduction Java and the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) are required for many kinds of software, including [Tomcat](, [Jetty](, [Glassfish](, [Cassandra]( and [Jenkins]( In this guide, you will install different versions of the Java Runtime Environment [...]

5: Run Python in browser with Pyscript

Hashnode - python (python)

Introduction Python is the most Popular Programming Language out there and there are tons of reasons for that. Python is free and simple to learn. Its primary features are that it is high-level, dynamically typed, and interpreted. This makes debuggin...

6: 2.37 - Developer Events and Community on

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)


7: 404 Now Found: Understanding Error Handling in JavaScript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Mistakes and failures are an integral part of programming and life in general. Usually, after a mistake in life, we dust ourselves up and try again, but it is hardly so in the world of programming. In JavaScript, when our engine runs into an error ...

8: How to list all the commands available in package.json

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Where art thou commands' When first creating a project using a bundler like create-react-app you might quickly forget the list of commands or scripts you can run using npm. The solution to this is usually just briefly glancing at the package.json fi...

9: James Webb détecte du CO2 dans l'atmosphère d'une exoplanète, une première historique ()

C'est une découverte historique qui confirme les extraordinaires potentialités du nouveau télescope spatial James Webb.  Le JWST a capturé des preuves nettes de la présence de dioxyde de carbone (CO2) dans l'atmosphère d'une planète géante gazeuse extrêmement chaude. Cette exoplanète ' WASP-39 b ' est située à 700 années-lumière de la Terre. [...]

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10: Important concepts in Javascript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Scope Scope is a certain region of a program where a defined variable exists & can be accessed. Different types of scope are -> function scope and block scope. var is function scope. function fname() { // function scope } let & const are block scop...

11: Document object Model in Javascript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Document Object Model When a page is loaded, the browser creates the DOM for the web page. The DOM represents the document as a node tree, where each node represents each element of html. Document Object Model is an API that represents and interacts...

13: Building a full-stack app with Bud and Go

Log Rocket blog (Web 2)

Build a full-stack app using the new Go framework, Bud, and compare its features to frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Next.js, and Nuxt.js. The post Building a full-stack app with Bud and Go appeared first on LogRocket Blog.

14: Bercy fait débrancher le bouton Ameli de France Connect

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

France Connect, le service de la DINUM pour s'identifier à un service public tiers via des identifiants utilisés sur un autre service public (...)

15: Bercy débranche le bouton Ameli de France Connect

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

France Connect, le service de la DINUM pour s'identifier à un service public tiers via des identifiants utilisés sur un autre service public (...)

16: Bercy débranche le bouton Ameli de France Connect (MAJ)

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

France Connect, le service de la DINUM pour s'identifier à un service public tiers via des identifiants utilisés sur un autre service public (...)

17: Ranked: The Most Popular Fast Food Brands in America

Visual Capitalist (dataviz)

America has hundreds of options for quick and convenient food. But which fast food brands are the most popular, in terms of sales' The post Ranked: The Most Popular Fast Food Brands in America appeared first on Visual Capitalist.

18: Micro-Frontend Application

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

So I am working on a project currently which the complexity and performance has made me to dive into understanding micro-frontend applications; and I have decided to share with you, as always, my journey pace. What are Micro-Frontend Applications' Ye...

19: Maps in ES6

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Common things between Maps and Sets Both share common properties and methods Both are iterable which means you can loop over them. WeakMaps and WeakSets don't prevent object from being garbage collected. Maps Maps are unique because they are collec...

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20: Rebooting

Hashnode - python (python)

As an elderly worker, it is not easy to work as Software Engineer or Programmer in Korea. Since not most of companies equipped with both of technical and managerial career paths, personal agony has been attached to myself for many years. To make matt...

21: 5 utility types in Typescript and their use cases.

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

The typescript language provides, right out-of-the-box, several utility types that facilitate type creation. These utilities make it possible to generate new type definitions from existing ones without manually typing them ( new type definitions ) ou...

22: Comment le FISC détecte votre piscine grâce à l'IA : le guide complet

Le Big Data (dataviz)

Le FISC utilise un logiciel de Machine Learning développé avec CapGemini et Google Cloud pour détecter les piscines privées non-déclarées. … Cet article Comment le FISC détecte votre piscine grâce à l’IA : le guide complet a été publié sur

23: 6 modern C features for cleaner Unity code

Log Rocket blog (Web 2)

Discover how to use the switch expression, property pattern, type pattern, and more to write less and more modern C# code on Unity. The post 6 modern C# features for cleaner Unity code appeared first on LogRocket Blog.

24: 6 modern C features for cleaner Unity code

Log Rocket blog (Web 2)

Discover how to use the switch expression, property pattern, type pattern, and more to write less and more modern C# code on Unity. The post 6 modern C# features for cleaner Unity code appeared first on LogRocket Blog.

25: Zentangle® Project Pack 18 Summary ' Introducing Zentangle's new Translucen-Z Tiles

TanglePatterns (Zentangle)

Project Pack #18 ' Introducing Zentangle's new Translucen-Z Tiles and trompe l'oeil techniques inspired by Joris Hoefnagel. This article provides detailed notes on each of the videos for this Zentangle Project Pack and makes it easy for you to find all the related videos and any parts of them you may wish to refer to again. Each full video can...Continue reading ... » [...]

26: End-to-end tracing with OpenTelemetry

Hashnode - python (python)

Whether you implement or not microservices (and you probably shouldn't), your system is most probably composed of multiple components. The most straightforward system is probably made of a reverse proxy, an app, and a database. In this case, monitori...

27: Debian May Change How It Handles Non-Free Firmware

WebProNews SEO (Développement)

WebProNews Debian May Change How It Handles Non-Free Firmware Debian is currently investigating the possibility of changing how it handles non-free firmware, moving the discussion to a general resolution process. Debian May Change How It Handles Non-Free Firmware Matt Milano

28: 100DaysOfCode

Hashnode - Flutter (Flutter)

Day 53 [29-08-2022] I worked on Piko (a chat app) and gained valuable experience working on a personal challenge. I had a challenge using NamedRoutes but I was able to fix it(after multiple attempts ') Day 54 [30-08-2022] I learnt how to impleme...

29: Baidu : un nouvel ordinateur quantique en vue '

Le Big Data (dataviz)

L'entreprise chinoise Baidu affirme l'arrivée propice d'un nouvel ordinateur quantique à 10 qubits. Cette dernière création serait le premier intégré … Cet article Baidu : un nouvel ordinateur quantique en vue ' a été publié sur

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30: Anorexie, une signature cérébrale identifiable ()

Cette étude révolutionnaire montre des différences substantielles dans la structure du cerveau chez les personnes souffrant d'anorexie. Ces travaux, menés à la Keck School of Medicine de l'University of South California (USC) révèle ainsi des réductions significatives de la matière grise chez les personnes souffrant d'anorexie mentale. Ce nouveau marqueur, détectable à l'imagerie, va pe [...]

31: 4 Ways to take user input from the terminal in Nodejs.

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

When we start learning any programming language, we want to take user input from the terminal. Most people start their programming journey in c, c++, java, etc. In these languages, we have inbuilt functions/classes to take user input from the termina...

32: Higher Order Functions in JavaScript'

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Higher Order Functions' A function that receives another function as an argument or that returns a new function or both is called Higher-order-functions. Basically, a function which takes another function as an argument or returns a function is know...

33: Identification d'un nouveau gène responsable d'une forme rare d'hémiplégie pédiatrique ()

L'hémiplégie alternante de l'enfance (HAE) est une maladie neuro-développementale très rare qui se caractérise par une hémiplégie périodique, un retard persistant du développement et un déficit cognitif. Le signe précoce majeur est la survenue d'épisodes répétés d'hémiplégie de quelques minutes à plusieurs jours, touchant tantôt un côté du corps tantôt l'autre. Plusieurs fact [...]

34: Livre Blanc : Le guide de référence pour des analyses financières modernes

Le Big Data (dataviz)

Livre Blanc Le guide de référence pour des analyses financières modernes Ce livre blanc sur les analyses financières modernes proposé … Cet article Livre Blanc : Le guide de référence pour des analyses financières modernes a été publié sur

35: La Chine se lance dans l'hydro-photovoltaïque ()

Le plus grand complexe hydro-photovoltaïque au monde est entré en construction dans le Sichuan, au sud-ouest de la Chine. Un barrage de 3 GW sera bientôt accolé à une centrale solaire de 1 GWc. Mais quel est l'intérêt d'une telle association ' en lire plus

36: L'action des composés médicamenteux dans les tissus révélée par une nouvelle technique ()

Des chercheurs de l'Université de Birmingham ont développé la technique en collaboration avec la société biopharmaceutique mondiale AstraZeneca. Ils utilisent la spectrométrie de masse, un outil analytique couramment utilisé pour identifier les propriétés des molécules dans un échantillon. en lire plus

37: How to Start a Web Design Agency in 28 Days: Week Four

Webdesigner depot (Design)

Three weeks ago, you started a web design agency. Then over the last two weeks, you've taken a leap toward making your business viable by defining who you are as a business and putting together your documents. This week, we'll tie up loose ends so that you're a fully functional agency able to pick and […] The post How to Start a Web Design Agency in 28 Days: Week Four first appeared on Webde [...]

38: Activity state and fragment lifecycle in Android apps with Kotlin

Log Rocket blog (Web 2)

In Android development, the activity state and fragment lifecycle play a crucial role, influencing implementation decisions and the final output that is experienced by end users. The post Activity state and fragment lifecycle in Android apps with Kotlin appeared first on LogRocket Blog.

39: Inspirational Websites Roundup 41

Codrops (Design / Internet)

A new, handpicked collection of the most creative and inspirational websites.

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40: Creating a stopwatch with JavaScript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

A stopwatch is used to measure the time that elapses between its activation and its deactivation. It measures the time taken for a specific activity. Building our JavaScript stopwatch using the setTimeout() and clearTimeout() JavaScript synchronizati...

41: Snap pourrait licencier 20% de ses effectifs

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

Depuis le printemps dernier, les plans de réduction se succèdent dans les entreprises IT de la Silicon Valley. En évoquant la (...)

42: L'IA encore trop confidentielle dans les services publics

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

Plus de 4 ans après le rapport de Cédric Villani sur l'intelligence artificielle anglé autour de la stratégie nationale (...)

43: Racheté par NetEase, le français Quantic Dream passe sous pavillon chinois

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

Le studio de jeux vidéo français Quantic Dream est racheté par NetEase, géant chinois de l'Internet et du jeu vidéo, qui cherche à accélérer son expansion internationale. Dans la course à la concentration qui règne dans le secteur du jeu vidéo, les studios indépendants se font avaler les uns après les&nb [...]

44: Understanding how Atomic Design is used in React Native

Log Rocket blog (Web 2)

Learn about using Atomic Design with React Native apps ' what it is and the role of each element that makes up the methodology as a whole.  The post Understanding how Atomic Design is used in React Native appeared first on LogRocket Blog.

45: What is beta testing and how to do it

Log Rocket blog (Web 2)

Beta testing is an important activity to help product managers validate their hypothesis and gather initial feedback about new products and features from real-life users. The post What is beta testing and how to do it appeared first on LogRocket Blog.

46: Learn JavaScript DOM through project

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

We all can agree that creating projects are the best way to learn javascript or any programming language. I wanted to learn JavaScript so I took a project and started to build it using all the documentation and Youtube tutorials of DOM available out ...

47: Mac Washing Machine X9, un outil efficace pour nettoyer les fichiers inutiles

Le Big Data (dataviz)

Le Mac Washing Machine X9 d’Intego fait partie des outils efficaces pour supprimer les fichiers inutiles sur votre Mac. En … Cet article Mac Washing Machine X9, un outil efficace pour nettoyer les fichiers inutiles a été publié sur

48: L'ombre de Broadcom plane sur VMware Explore

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

Raghu Raghuram, CEO de VMware, a donné hier le coup d'envoi de sa conférence annuelle qui pour l'occasion change de nom. Les (...)

49: Vers un premier texte international sur la gestion d'identité et les services de confiance

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

A l’ère digitale, les questions liées à l’identité numérique et aux services de confiance comme la signature électronique sont devenues incontournables en matière de confiance numérique. Après le règlement eIDAS de 2014, la Commission des Nations Unies pour le Droit Commercial International (CNUDCI)  a entrepris [...]

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50: Ready Player Me annonce une extension de sa plateforme de création d'avatar 3D (Réalité Virtuelle)

La startup estonienne Ready Player Me vient de lever un fonds de 56 millions de […] Cet article Ready Player Me annonce une extension de sa plateforme de création d'avatar 3D a été publié sur Réalité

51: Routing Information Protocol ou RIP : qu'y a-t-il à savoir sur ce protocole de routage '

Le Big Data (dataviz)

Le Routing Information Protocol, ou RIP, est un protocole à vecteur de distance. Il met en place la manière dont … Cet article Routing Information Protocol ou RIP : qu'y a-t-il à savoir sur ce protocole de routage ' a été publié sur

52: Nikeland : Tout savoir sur l'espace 3D de Nike (Réalité Virtuelle)

Nikeland promet d'emmener les visiteurs dans un univers immersif tout en faisant du sport. Avec […] Cet article Nikeland : Tout savoir sur l'espace 3D de Nike a été publié sur Réalité

53: Un nouveau colorant pour des OLEDs imprimées et flexibles à moindre coût ()

Bien que les OLEDs soient déjà largement présentes dans notre quotidien, leur mise en forme actuelle limite généralement leur utilisation pour la fabrication d'affichages grands formats et/ou de dispositifs à bas coûts (packaging alimentaire, publicitaire, etc.). Actuellement, les molécules luminescentes sont le plus souvent évaporées pour être déposées sur des supports solides sous f [...]

54: How Node.js handles concurrency

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

What is Node.js' Node.js is an open-source cross-platform JavaScript environment that runs on Chrome's V8 engines. Node.js is a tool that can be used in almost any kind of project! As Node.js can help in developing highly scalable server-side applica...

55: Constructor() in JavaScript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Ever wondered what is its use or how it is used ' ' I am here to take you through the easiest steps to understand this concept ' Constructor simply put is a function to ensure that your objects are taking in the right key: value pairs. Let me div...

56: Some best techniques to Optimize your React App'''

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Improving the web' application performance plays an important role to improve User Experience and keep users engaged. However, it can be challenging to optimize your React App for performance. This post will cover some techniques to improve your Rea...

57: Distributed Tracing for Kafka with OpenTelemetry in Python

Hashnode - python (python)

In this tutorial, I will cover Apache Kafka, OpenTelemetry, and how they play out together with practical examples in Python from 0 to 1. You will learn how to enable OpenTelemetry tracing in Python to generate spans and visualize traces for various ...

58: How video SEO can boost your overall digital marketing strategy

Search engine land (Référencement)

Uncovering video opportunities to increase traffic, boost engagement, improve conversions and produce more helpful content. The post How video SEO can boost your overall digital marketing strategy appeared first on Search Engine Land.

59: A Convenient feature offered by React Router

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

if you have more complex destinations, like here in quote list, where query parameters are involved you might be constructing very long strings and code could look like this. history.push(`${location.pathname}'sort=${(isSortingAscending ' 'desc' : 'a...

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60: Multiprocessing in NodeJs

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

A single instance of Node runs in a single thread. To take advantage of multi core systems the user will sometimes want to launch a cluster of Node processes to handle the load. The cluster module allows you to easily create a network of processes th...

61: L'OTAN enquête sur le leak de données du fabricant de missiles MBDA

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

Les vols de données sont un véritable fléau pour les entreprises. Il y a quelques semaines, le fabricant de missiles français (...)

62: Smart City : Dijon Métropole cherche start-ups pour inventorier le patrimoine arboré

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

OnDijon centralise la gestion des équipements urbains connectés des 23 communes de Dijon Métropole. Cette démarche de (...)

63: Widgets in Flutter

Hashnode - Flutter (Flutter)

Introduction In Flutter, everything is a widget. The central idea is that you build your UI out of widgets. Widgets describe what their view should look like given their current configuration and state. In Flutter a widget is either stateless or stat...

64: Understanding Socket io

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Understanding Socket io Introduction Socket io is a library built on top of the web sockets technology that gives a simplified interface to manage the web sockets between client and server . In this tutorial we will understand what is a web socket an...

65: A PPC guide to privacy-focused audience targeting

Search engine land (Référencement)

Google granted more time before cookies retire, but advertisers still need to build audience frameworks for the future. The post A PPC guide to privacy-focused audience targeting appeared first on Search Engine Land.

66: Cybersécurité : France Connect coupe la connexion avec l'Assurance Maladie

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

Des risques liés à la sécurité informatique ont conduit l'Assurance Maladie et le portail d'identités numériques France Connect à suspendre l'accès à ses services via les identifiants des comptes Ameli, révèle le Canard Enchaîné. France Connect, le service d'authentification de […] [...]

67: Authentication System With Django

Hashnode - python (python)

Today I'll show you how to create an authentication system using Django. With the use of this system, users will be given full access to the company's website or landing page after having their logins verified. PREREQUISITES Latest version of python...

68: Introducing querySelector() and querySelectorAll() on elements in JavaScript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

I recently learnt about JavaScript so thought why not share my learnings' I will share how to use the JavaScript querySelector() and querySelectorAll() to find elements based on CSS selectors. querySelector() querySelector() is a function that return...

69: I wanna build a World Wide Professional QUIZ GAME because I love to entertain people!'

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Heyy! developers!!'''''' Introduction **So, lemme Introduce myself, My name is Amena. I am from India'' I am having a YouTube channel Code Arena My Brother's name is Usman, and he's also having a YouTube channel Max Programming My Twitter acco...

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70: Django ChartJS Chart Example Tutorial

Hashnode - python (python)

Hi Dev, This article is focused on django chartjs. We will look at example of django chartjs ajax example. step by step explain how to create chart in django. I would like to share with you how to use chartjs in django. Chartjs is a js library, this ...

71: Flutter: How to show application updates is available.

Hashnode - Flutter (Flutter)

Hello Friends, Why must we show the new application version available to customers or users' Every new release with new functionality and developer resolves bugs and makes the application a more user-friendly experience. So users redirect to the p...

72: VMware et NetApp étendent leur partenariat dans le multicloud

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

Afin d'améliorer l'accès des clients aux architectures multicloud, VMware et NetApp ont étendu un partenariat déjà vieux (...)

73: La décroissance du marché mondial des tablettes se poursuit

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

A l'instar de la plupart des segments du marché mondial de l'informatique personnelle, celui des tablettes ne voit pas le bout du tunnel. Selon (...)

74: Instagram : 2 nouveautés pour mieux contrôler les posts suggérés sur votre compte

Blog du Moderateur ()

Instagram teste des options pour vous donner plus de contrôle sur les posts que vous voyez dans votre fil d'actualité et dans Explorer.

75: How to Use MQTT in Flask

Hashnode - python (python)

Flask is a lightweight Web application framework written with Python, which is called "micro-framework" because it uses a simple core for extension of other features, such as ORM, form validation tools, file upload, various open authentication techni...

76: How to Create an Image Pop-Up Gallery

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Hey there my friends '' In this article, We will be creating a popup image modal using HTML, CSS, and VANILLA JAVASCRIPT. The whole concept of doing this is that when a user visits your website and clicks on an image in the image gallery, a larger ...

77: Finding The Balance (September 2022 Desktop Wallpapers Edition)

Smashing magazine (CSS / Web 2)

Let's welcome September with some fresh desktop wallpapers. Designed by artists and designers from across the globe, they come in versions with and without a calendar for the month. Enjoy!

78: L'incubateur The Family placé en liquidation judiciaire en France

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

La filiale française de The Family, société emblématique de la French Tech qui se déchire depuis les plaintes des associés visant son cofondateur Oussama Ammar, a demandé son placement en liquidation judiciaire, révèle Capital. La filiale française de l'incubateur The Family, The Family Paris, a demandé son placement& [...]

79: Les Finops permettent-ils de réguler la charge coûteuse de l'adoption du cloud computing '

Le Big Data (dataviz)

La transformation numérique a influencé l'adoption massive du cloud computing. Mais avec du recul, les programmes Finops cloud sont-ils plus … Cet article Les Finops permettent-ils de réguler la charge coûteuse de l'adoption du cloud computing ' a été publié sur

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80: Sony crée une division dédiée aux jeux mobiles pour se diversifier au-delà de la PlayStation

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

Sony veut sa part du gâteau sur le marché du jeu mobile, devenu très lucratif. Le Japonais lance une division dédiée et rachète pour ce faire Savage Game Studios, un studio de développement européen. Au lancement de la PlayStation, en décembre 1994, le jeu vidéo n'était qu'une curiosité pour Sony, alors un&n [...]

81: La CNIL lance 6 webinars gratuits sur la conformité RGPD : voici le programme

Blog du Moderateur ()

La CNIL organise 6 webinars liés à la conformité RGPD pour la fin de l'année 2022.

82: Top 10 Vs Code Extensions You Need In 2022

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

As is well-known, Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a powerful, lightweight code editor available for free on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It's one of the most popular code editors coming with a robust set of features out of the box. The capabilities of ...

83: Benefits Of Using A Branding Agency

Noupe (conception)

There’s no doubt that branding has become an important part of a business’s competitive edge in today’s economy. With so many companies competing for customers, it is essential to have a strong branding strategy. Read this guide to understand the benefits of using a branding agency for your business. Access to Experience and Expertise If... The post Benefits Of Using [...]

84: 8 bonnes pratiques pour un duo DSI/DRH serein

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

Les DSI ont évidemment beaucoup à gagner dans une franche collaboration avec leurs homologues cadres dirigeants des autres domaines de l'entreprise, (...)

85: Rillieux-la-Pape dope la collaboration avec une meilleure gestion documentaire

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

Commune de 30 000 habitants, Rillieux-la-Pape est l'une des 59 villes qui composent la Métropole de Lyon. Pour servir sa population, elle dispose (...)

86: Engie Belgique interface sa messagerie avec Hootsuite

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

Issu du rachat d'activités séculaires en Belgique par l'ancien groupe GDF Suez (devenu Engie) en 2003, Engie Belgique est le principal énergéticien (...)

87: Le point sur la réalité du zero trust

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

En matière de confiance zéro et de sa mise en 'uvre, on a l'impression que c'est le buzz qui prévaut. À commencer (...)

88: Des données top secret de l'OTAN en fuite '

Le Big Data (dataviz)

L'OTAN enquête actuellement sur une attaque présumée de MBDA, le leader européen dans la conception de missiles. Il évalue l’impact … Cet article Des données top secret de l'OTAN en fuite ' a été publié sur

89: Build a Blog APP with Remix and Strapi

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Author: Joseph Chege Strapi is an open-source headless CMS based on Node.js. It lets you develop and manage any content of your application. This allows you to build backend API faster with efficiency and customizability advantages. What is Remix' On...

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90: La fondation Linux forme au quantique avec la Banque mondiale

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

Accompagner la montée en compétences de professionnels IT en informatique quantique. C'est le but de la fondation Linux avec l'ouverture (...)

91: Splitting the US population evenly, with arbitrary shapes

Flowing data (dataviz)

By Engaging Data, this interactive map shows various splits of the United States…Tags: Engaging Data, population

92: Livre blanc : les conseils pour développer son agence

Blog du Moderateur ()

Teamleader, spécialiste dans la gestion du travail, continue sa plongée dans le monde des agences et leurs problématiques avec un nouveau livre blanc.

93: 5 formations en ligne pour apprendre à maîtriser Photoshop

Blog du Moderateur ()

Notre sélection de formations de la semaine s'adresse à ceux qui souhaitent acquérir des compétences solides sur le logiciel Photoshop.

94: Apple a choisi le nom de ses futurs casques VR (Réalité Virtuelle)

Plusieurs dépôts de brevet supposent que le casque de réalité mixte (MR) d’Apple fera partie […] Cet article Apple a choisi le nom de ses futurs casques VR a été publié sur Réalité

95: Comment réinitialiser son iPhone

Blog du Moderateur ()

Découvrez différentes façons d'effacer les données de votre iPhone.

96: Destructuring in JavaScript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Array Destructuring Getting the value of an array is made easier using destructuring. Destructuring will unpack the values of an array. Example 1. const arr = [1, 2, 3]; const [a, b, c] = arr; console.log(a, b, c); // Result: 1 2 3 Example 2. Neste...

97: Chrome Extensions of the Month - August 2022

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

In this article, I will suggest to you some of the best extensions you need to install for better productivity that can come in very handy. So without further due, let's get into it. Clipt Clipt creates a link between all of your devices to increase ...

98: How to build a Grocery Application with Webflow CMS using DhiWise

Hashnode - Flutter (Flutter)

Building an e-commerce application has no 'Why' anymore. It has 'how'. Today in this article, I will walk you through how to build a Grocery Application using Two very interesting developer tools Webflow and DhiWise. The grocery application is a part...

99: Browser extensions - DevTools extension

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Today's article will look at creating a Chrome dev tools extension. It will be a basic setup. For now, that doesn't do anything yet. It just shows you how we can inject something into the dev tools. The result will look like this: Creating a Chrome ...

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100: Top-notch stateful testing in Android

Hashnode - Kotlin (Mobiles)

Broadly speaking, in an app, state is any value that can change over time. All Android apps display state to the user, e.g. an enabled/disabled button, the text displayed in a View, etc. We expect users to modify the state by performing actions throu...

101: This is why everyone is using Reactjs

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

React Js is one of the most popular front-end frameworks to use these days. It is playing an essential role in the front-end ecosystem. But what makes it so special' here are some key feature that comes with React Js Simplicity ReactJS uses JSX fi...

102: Snap licencie 20% de ses effectifs

L'usine-digitale (Informatique)

Chahuté par la crise économique et les changements récents d'Apple en matière de tracking publicitaire, Snap se voit contraint de réduire sa masse salariale de 20%, se séparant de plus d'un millier de personnes. Les équipes de feu Zenly seront lourdement touchées, de même que celles en charge des mini-apps et celle travaillant&n [...]

103: How to Implement a Basic JavaScript Application

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

In a previous article in this series, we learned about getting input from others before beginning to code our application. After we've clarified all the doubts with the project stakeholders, we are then ready to turn our prototype into a JavaScript a...

104: Build a dockerized FastAPI application with poetry and gunicorn.

Hashnode - python (python)

Prerequisites Python3 docker docker-compose Setup FastAPI application Why use Poetry for dependency and virtual environment management instead of pip and it's equilvalent python setups Many developers loved the experience provided by Yarn and Npm i...

105: A better way of passing data between destinations.

Hashnode - Kotlin (Mobiles)

' Initial Thoughts: I use to pass data to the next screen (maybe to the Detail Screen) in a way that was strongly not recommended by the Official Android Documentation and I discovered that most beginners also follow the same way and that's perfect...

106: Gravity Sort

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Gravity sort, also called bead sort, is a special sorting algorithm. It is not fast at all, but I found the idea is very interesting. Let's see how it works. Suppose we want to sort numbers [4,3,5,1]. Then we draw a table like below. x x x x x x x x ...

107: Benefits of Hackathons

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

via GIPHY Here are just a few of the many benefits of competing in a hackathon: 1. Win Big You can win some great prizes from cash prizes to computing hardware, VR headsets, and even Teslas sometimes. The diversity of prizes provided by sponsors is u...

108: Why should you do a hackathon'

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

via GIPHY Here are just a few of the many benefits of competing in a hackathon: 1. Win Big You can win some great prizes from cash prizes to computing hardware, VR headsets, and even Teslas sometimes. The diversity of prizes provided by sponsors is u...

109: The consensus mechanism of Blockchain

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Introduction In this article, I will explaining the concept of consensus mechanism in blockchain. A consensus in literal terms simply means an agreement to do a particular thing. Or terms and conditions on which something must run. What is a consens...

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110: 7 Best Selling Themes & Website Builder for WordPress

Smashing apps (Internet / Design)

As the day passes by, the demand and supply is increasing for the website builder […]

111: Front End Web Development Podcasts

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Original: Have you ever wondered about getting started in web development' Want to know how those of us who have been doing it for years learn more' I would highly recommend checking out t...

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