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Webriche: les veilleurs ne dorment jamais...

Ci dessous, les actualités de quelques sites qui ont tout mon intérêt (à différents niveaux).

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Lundi 1 Avril 2024 (83)

1: Mastering LeetCode's Maximum Subarray Problem: A Comprehensive Guide

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Introduction to the Maximum Subarray Problem Imagine you're given a list of integers, where each number represents your profit or loss for the day. Your task is to find the period during which you would have made the most money if you only had the fo...

2: [' ' React ''' ] Day 8

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Day 8 Mission '') Node.js ''' '' ''' '' '''' ''' '' ''' Node.js '''' '' '''' ''' '' chance '' '' '''' '''' '''''' ''' ''' '''' '''''. ES '' '''' ''' '''' ''' '' '''' '''. '' '' '' ''' '''' '' ''' '' ''' Node.js '''' '''' ''''' '''''' '' '' 1. ''' '' ...

3: Cool modules of python for beginners

Hashnode - python (python)

Requests When it comes to making HTTP requests in Python, the requests module is a game-changer. It provides a simple and elegant API for sending HTTP requests and handling responses. With requests, you can easily fetch data from web APIs, interact w...

4: Why developer prefer ReactJs over vanilla JavaScript'

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

In the ever-evolving landscape of web development, two names stand out prominently: JavaScript and React. While JavaScript serves as the backbone of dynamic web experiences, React has emerged as a powerful tool for building interactive user interface...

5: Meta announces major audience targeting and insights update

Search engine land (Référencement)

Meta has rolled out new tools to help marketers target high-value consumers and understand their audiences better.

6: Re-Balancing Design and Development

Codrops (Design / Internet)

Codux aims to bridge the widening gap between designers and developers in the modern web era, fostering a collaborative environment where creativity meets code.

7: DevEx Friction Log: Val Town

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

"Friction logging" is a form of user experience testing, where you step through a given process and provide insight into your thinking and feelings at various points throughout. The goal is to identify things people with less familiarity with your pr...

8: Day 15 - Python Libraries

Hashnode - python (python)

Reading JSON and YAML in Python As a DevOps Engineer, one of the essential skills you need to have is the ability to work with various file formats, including JSON and YAML. These formats are commonly used in configuration management, infrastructure ...

9: Day 10 of 100DaysOfCode | 1-04-2024

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

What I learned' I learned the following topics: JavaScript Concepts - Getters and setters Lexical Scoping and Closures Code snippet/Screenshots/notes JavaScript getters and setters class User { constructor(email, password) { this....

10 / 83

10: ChatGPT 10 Simple Prompts For Python Students

Hashnode - python (python)

In this section, we will discuss 10 easy-to-understand prompts that can help college students who want to learn Python and answer questions about it. I will test each question and verify the answer using examples. Also, I will be using the free versi...

11: Walmart Connect opens up to small and non-endemic advertisers

Search engine land (Référencement)

By opening Walmart Connect's doors to more advertisers, competition is likely to increase, leading to higher costs for marketers.

12: Day 46: Queue Implementation using Python

Hashnode - python (python)

Today is the forty-sixth day of the Python learning series and In this blog, we will discuss the Queue data structure. Queue A queue is a fundamental data structure in computer science that follows the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) principle. It operates...

13: Functional Interface in Kotlin

Hashnode - Kotlin (Mobiles)

What is Functional Interface or SAM (Single Abstract Method)' Functional Interface which is also known as Single Abstract Method (or SAM) is just an interface with only one abstract method (method without implementation). Representation Functional i...

14: Microsoft Separates Teams and Office Licensing Globally

WebProNews SEO (Développement)

WebProNews Microsoft Separates Teams and Office Licensing Globally Microsoft is making a major change to how it sells Teams, uncoupling it from its Office suite globally after first doing so in the EU. Microsoft Separates Teams and Office Licensing Globally Matt Milano

15: 1/20 Beginner Projects in Python - Word Replacement

Hashnode - python (python)

Today is the first day of starting 20 beginner projects series. In this one, we will learn about word replacement in Python. In this project, we will learn how to replace a word inside the string. We will use function for this project, so that we can...

16: Sorting Dictionaries in Python

Hashnode - python (python)

Today, let's dive into a topic that might seem mundane at first glance but holds immense power when it comes to optimizing your Python code: sorting dictionaries. As a tech enthusiast and a perpetual learner myself, I've come to realize the importanc...

17: Day-17 Rock Paper Scissors Game with JavaScript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Rock Paper Scissors is a classic game that has entertained people for generations. In this digital age, we can bring this timeless game to life using JavaScript. Let's dive into creating a fun and interactive Rock Paper Scissors game from scratch. In...

18: Mastering LeetCode: Unraveling the 'Same Tree' Problem

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Let's dive deep into cracking one of LeetCode's intriguing problems: determining if two binary trees are the same (LeetCode 100. Same Tree). This challenge is not only a test of understanding binary tree structures but also an exercise in applying re...

19: Day 49 of LeetCode

Hashnode - python (python)

Documenting LeetCode solving. Q126 10. Regular Expression Matching Hard. DP class Solution: def isMatch(self, s: str, p: str) -> bool: dp = {} def dfs(i, j): if (i, j) in dp: return dp[(i, j)] ...

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20: Back to Basics - Python 1

Hashnode - python (python)

Intro It's March 2024 and I have joined a Level 4 Data Analytics Bootcamp! Hurray! Technically lessons will only start at the beginning of April but I am already very excited about it and thinking of things. To celebrate my new adventure and start ha...

21: Day 14 Task: Python Data Types and Data Structures for DevOps 90DaysOfDevops

Hashnode - python (python)

1. Give the Difference between List, Tuple and set. Do Handson Understanding the Differences Between Lists, Tuples, and Sets In Python, there are several data structures that serve different purposes and have distinct characteristics. Among these, l...

22: Google Is Ready to Settle Chrome Incognito Mode Lawsuit

WebProNews SEO (Développement)

WebProNews Google Is Ready to Settle Chrome Incognito Mode Lawsuit Google is ready to throw in the towel and settle the lawsuit over its collection of data when users have Incognito Mode enabled in Chrome. Google Is Ready to Settle Chrome Incognito Mode Lawsuit Matt Milano

23: March 2024 Recap: IA / Schematics, Community and Writing

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

March has come to an end, and what a fantastic month it was! I had a great time diving into AI, learning about Angular and Typescript, and connecting with the DonWeb Cloud & IaaS community, especially about Kendo. Let's take a look back at the highli...

24: Report: Perplexity plans to sell ads

Search engine land (Référencement)

Perplexity believes generative AI will eventually help it build even better targeting for advertisers to bid on high-value traffic.

25: How to draw SORKS

TanglePatterns (Zentangle)

Online instructions for drawing CZT® Rahel Müller's Zentangle® pattern: Sorks. Continue reading this - An index and graphic guide to the best Zentangle® patterns on the web and how to draw them  

26: Google investigating Ad Manager Reach report error

Search engine land (Référencement)

Although you may still have access to Google Ad Manager, you may find you can't access the most recent data.

27: Using concept testing for better product design

Log Rocket blog (Web 2)

Concept testing is all about validating the product concept in its early phases to avoid investing in ideas that are doomed to fail. The post Using concept testing for better product design appeared first on LogRocket Blog.

28: Pure and Impure Functions

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

In JavaScript, functions can be categorized into two main types based on their behavior: pure functions and impure functions. Understanding the difference between these two types is crucial for writing clean, maintainable, and predictable code. Pure ...

29: Google expands Vehicle Listing Ads to new markets

Search engine land (Référencement)

Vehicle Listing Ads can boost your chances of generating high-quality leads by targeting high-value consumers at optimal times.

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30: A quick tour of HTMX

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

In this blog post, I'll share my first impressions of HTMX, dissect what it is and its benefits, and provide examples to illustrate its power and potential. Let's dive into this intriguing technology that promises to bring back the simplicity and eth...

31: ChatGPT makes links more prominent

Search engine land (Référencement)

But it remains to be seen whether people will actually click on those links. Links are only available in the paid versions of ChatGPT.

32: Leader Spotlight: Closing the gap in nutrition literacy, with Peter Chau

Log Rocket blog (Web 2)

Peter Chau discusses MyFitnessPal's focus to close the gap in nutrition literacy by educating users on adequate nutrition intake and health. The post Leader Spotlight: Closing the gap in nutrition literacy, with Peter Chau appeared first on LogRocket Blog.

33: Day 13/90 Basics of Python

Hashnode - python (python)

Here, we will learn about the basics of Python. What is Python' Python is a high-level, interpreted programming language known for its simplicity and readability. It was created by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991. Python emphasizes cod...

34: How to Develop a Number Guessing Game in JavaScript'

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Final Output Youtube Video For detailed explanation of code watch below video.'v=kd2VBZaJnEk Code HTML ...

35: Simplify Complex SQL Queries with PySpark UDFs

Math Data Simplified (data)

Using PySpark UDFs simplifies complex SQL queries by encapsulating complex operations into a single function call, resulting in cleaner queries. In the code example above, we define a UDF called modify_name that converts the name to uppercase. Learn more about …

36: Bulk product optimization: Tips and tools for ecommerce SEO

Search engine land (Référencement)

Optimize your ecommerce product pages' title tags, product copy and meta descriptions with the help of Excel, ChatGPT and Grammarly.

37: Generative AI in Creative Fields in 2024

Noupe (conception)

Creativity and innovation are being dramatically reshaped by the incredible advancements in generative AI. The integration of artificial intelligence in creative fields is now a vivid reality, transforming how art, music, literature, and design are conceived, created, and consumed. This evolution is not just altering the toolkit available to creators but is also redefining the... The p [...]

38: Python Certification

Hashnode - python (python)

In today's digital era, Python has emerged as a leading programming language, driving innovation across various industries, including web development, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. As the demand for Python skills contin...

39: Exploring 5 Top UI Frameworks for React

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Exploring 5 Top UI Frameworks for React Introduction Framework provides a platform where you don't have to build everything from scratch. It saves time and also provides other features that can simplifies any one job. React has emerged as the most po...

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40: Mojo CSS vs. Tailwind: Choosing the best CSS framework

Log Rocket blog (Web 2)

Compare the established Tailwind CSS framework with the newer Mojo CSS based on benchmarks like plugins, built-in components, and more. The post Mojo CSS vs. Tailwind: Choosing the best CSS framework appeared first on LogRocket Blog.

41: 16 reasons why your page isn't ranking on Google

Search engine land (Référencement)

Struggling to rank on Google' Dive into 16 possible reasons why your page isn't making the cut and how to address them systematically.

42: Île d'Epstein : Ce vendeur de données craque et révèle les visiteurs

Le Big Data (dataviz)

Elles sont riches, influentes, parfois des célébrités, et elles ont visité l'île de Jeffrey Epstein. Ces personnes ne savaient pas … Cet article Île d'Epstein : Ce vendeur de données craque et révèle les visiteurs a été publié sur LEBIGDATA.FR.

43: Nvidia vs. Tesla's Dojo: A Technical Analysis of AI Hardware Competition

WebProNews SEO (Développement)

WebProNews Nvidia vs. Tesla’s Dojo: A Technical Analysis of AI Hardware Competition Tesla's strategic shift towards in-house AI hardware development poses a formidable challenge to Nvidia's market dominance, particularly in industries like autonomous driving, where Tesla's AI capabilities are rapidly expanding. By investing in Dojo, Tesla aims to reduce its dependency on external suppliers l [...]

44: Ce que vous devez savoir sur le CSS moderne (Édition printemps 2024)

Humancoders ()

Chris Coyier explore les dernières innovations en CSS, incluant Container Queries, Unités de Conteneur, le sélecteur :has(), View Transitions, Nesting, Scroll-Driven Animations, Anchor Positioning, Scoping, Cascade Layers, Logical Properties, Display P3 Color Space, color-mix(), margin-trim, text-wrap et Subgrid. Cet article est une ressource clé pour les développeurs désireux de maîtriser [...]

45: When to Refresh Access Tokens in a Frontend Application

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

volume_up In modern web applications, leveraging access tokens and refresh tokens is a common approach for user authentication. Access tokens are short-lived credentials used to access protected resources on the backend, while refresh tokens are lo...

46: OpenAI Unveils Voice Engine: A New Frontier in AI

WebProNews SEO (Développement)

WebProNews OpenAI Unveils Voice Engine: A New Frontier in AI With Voice Engine, OpenAI demonstrates its prowess in transforming actual human voice samples into AI-generated counterparts with uncanny accuracy. In a mere 15-second sample, Voice Engine can replicate the nuances of human speech, opening doors to a myriad of applications across various industries. OpenAI Unveils Voice Engine: A New Fro [...]

47: Mastering customer surveys: Design, execution, and analysis

Log Rocket blog (Web 2)

A customer survey is a structured research tool that product people use to gather insights about their customers. The post Mastering customer surveys: Design, execution, and analysis appeared first on LogRocket Blog.

48: 14 Top UX Tools for Designers in 2024

Webdesigner depot (Design)

User Experience (UX) is one of the most important fields of design, so it should come as no surprise that there are a multitude of tools available to help UX designers succeed.

49: D'Oculus à Meta, une décennie de métamorphose technologique (Réalité Virtuelle)

Il y a 10 ans, en mars 2014, Mark Zuckerberg a investi plus de 2 […] Cet article D'Oculus à Meta, une décennie de métamorphose technologique a été publié sur REALITE-VIRTUELLE.COM.

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50: Advanced tactics to maximize the SEO value of user-generated content

Search engine land (Référencement)

Learn how to authentically engage audiences, gather insights and repurpose UGC to boost visibility and search performance.

51: Vertex AI: Building a Q&A System with Semantic Search

Hashnode - python (python)

Imagine having a specialized system that can answer your questions about Python programming instantly and accurately. While traditional approaches often rely on keyword matching and can be limited in their understanding of natural language, recent ad...

52: Y.O.L.O ' Un nouveau cadre de design UX

creative juice (wordpress / html5 / CSS)

The post Y.O.L.O ' Un nouveau cadre de design UX first appeared on Creative Juiz.Entre les termes à la mode, comme la Product Discovery, et les anciens termes que l’on se traîne depuis des années, comme UCD (User Centered Design) et le Double Diamant, il est temps de faire place au concept de recherche utilisateur que vous rencontrerez forcément dans toutes les sociétés qui pratiquent [...]

53: Setting Up a Machine Learning Pipeline For FREE

Hashnode - python (python)

Recently I needed to set up a machine learning pipeline for my project, Camera to Keyboard, and since it's an open source project I needed a way to set up a pipeline for free. In this article, you'll read about my approach and its constraints. A mac...

54: Vision Pro : Apple passe un contrat avec le groupe chinois Tencent (Réalité Virtuelle)

Selon The Information, Tencent a donné son accord pour rendre accessibles plusieurs de ses applications […] Cet article Vision Pro : Apple passe un contrat avec le groupe chinois Tencent a été publié sur REALITE-VIRTUELLE.COM.

55: Level Up Your React Game in 2024!!

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

React remains one of the most demanding technologies in today's market, attracting a wave of newcomers. To thrive in this dynamic field, mastering React is essential. In this article, I'll be sharing some crucial skills you must master in 2024, provi...

56: Pour les trains en retard, la SNCF lance sa GenAI Micheline

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

« Le train Paris-Clermont Ferrand a 3h de retard, ma correspondance est-elle assurée ', Où vais-je dormir ' Peut-on (...)

57: Examining the dataset driving machine learning systems

Flowing data (dataviz)

For Knowing Machines, an ongoing research project that examines the innards of machine…Tags: bias, Knowing Machines, LAION-5B, machine learning

58: Explain the Next.js Serverless Functions.

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Using serverless functions in Next.js lets you do different tasks without having to keep up a separate server. Here's how you can use serverless functions in Next.js to manage form submissions, process payments, and work with external APIs: Handling ...

59: Comment regarder YouTube en Chine ' Les astuces pour contourner la censure

Le Big Data (dataviz)

YouTube, incontournable source de connaissances, est pourtant inaccessible en Chine. Face au « Grand Firewall » censurant les opinions libres, retrouver YouTube … Cet article Comment regarder YouTube en Chine ' Les astuces pour contourner la censure a été publié sur LEBIGDATA.FR.

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60: The Truth About Learning Python in 2024

Hashnode - python (python)

Introduction: Are you a student looking to dive into the exciting world of computer science' If so, you've probably heard about the incredible opportunities that come with learning Python. As one of the most sought-after programming languages in rece...

61: A Comprehensive Guide to the Java Program

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Embarking on a journey into the world of Java Programming opens doors to endless possibilities. Understanding the fundamentals of a Java program is essential, from setting up your development environment with tools like IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse to gr...

62: The Truth About Learning Python in 2024

Hashnode - python (python)

Introduction: Are you a student aspiring to pursue a career in computer science' If so, you've likely heard about the importance of learning Python. Python has become one of the most popular programming languages in recent years, and its versatility ...

63: Get Started with Flutter for Beginners (Setup)

Hashnode - Flutter (Flutter)

Hey y'all. This is the first episode on how to get started with flutter for beginners (setup) You'll need to setup your local machine first to begin writing code in Flutter. Setup your development environment First, you'll need to download and instal...

64: Full featured form using NextJS Server Actions

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

We are going to build a contact form using Nextjs and Server Actions. When the user submit the form it should send an email to your personal email account. Bootstrap The Project Generate a new Nextjs project and accept all the default settings, then...

65: Exploring Matplotlib: A Comprehensive Guide to Plotting in Python

Hashnode - python (python)

In the realm of data visualization with Python, Matplotlib stands as a cornerstone library. It offers a plethora of tools for creating static, interactive, and animated visualizations in Python. From simple line plots to complex 3D graphics, Matplotl...

66: WordPress racheté par Microsoft et rebaptisé « Press »

Wordpress-fr (wordpress)

WordPress, la plateforme de publication de contenu la plus populaire sur le web, a été rachetée par le géant de la technologie, Microsoft. Microsoft renomme le logiciel WordPress en « Press » Avec ce changement de propriétaire, WordPress sera désormais rebaptisé « Press ». Une annonce qui a pris de nombreux utilisateurs au dépourvu, maisLire la suite

67: Explain the Next.js Testing Applications.

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Testing Next.js applications is important to make sure the code is good and reliable. Jest and React Testing Library are commonly used for testing React apps, including Next.js ones. Here's an example of how to test a simple Next.js component using J...

68: How to Integrate RTMP Livestream Feature in Android(Kotlin) Video Chat App'

Hashnode - Kotlin (Mobiles)

Introduction If you're on the path to enhancing your Android video-calling app with the power of RTMP live streaming, you're in the right place. In this technical guide, we will explore the integration of the RTMP Livestream feature within your Andro...

69: Software Engineering and Architecture - Les Tech Trends 2024

Octo (Internet)

Vous trouverez dans ce billet les Tech Trends 2024 selon OCTO Technology autour du « Software Engineering and amp; Architecture » afin que vous puissiez délivrer - sans les mains - vos produits stratégiques en production.

70 / 83

70: EJS Made Easy: Creating Dynamic Web Pages with JavaScript.

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

What is EJS' EJS is an tool that helps you build web pages with dynamic content. okay, Imagine you're making a website and you want to show different information to different users. EJS lets you do that easily by mixing regular HTML with bits of Java...

71: Web Components Unwrapped: Building Better Web Experiences

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

In the ever-evolving landscape of web development, the quest for better tools and technologies to build modern, efficient, and maintainable web applications is unending. Enter Web Components ' a game-changer in the realm of front-end development. Wha...

72: Sujets qui fâchent ' Meta préfère désormais les cacher

Le Big Data (dataviz)

Facebook et Instagram (filiales de Meta) ont cessé de recommander des contenus « politiques » aux utilisateurs en France, à leur demande … Cet article Sujets qui fâchent ' Meta préfère désormais les cacher a été publié sur LEBIGDATA.FR.

73: Topic: 16 Understanding Parcebale and Serializable

Hashnode - Kotlin (Mobiles)

Hello devs, Today's topic is Parcebale and Serializable interfaces. Both Serializable and Parcelable interfaces are used to transfer data between components in Android. Serializable Interface: Serializable is a standard Java interface. Serialization ...

74: Hoisting in JavaScript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Hoisting is a special behavior of the JavaScript interpreter. Hoisting means that function and variable declarations are moved to the top of their containing scope. Variables Hoisting In JavaScript, variables are declared using "let", "const", and "v...

75: Becoming an Expert in Flutter with Clean Architecture: The Implementation-Part 3

Hashnode - Flutter (Flutter)

Introduction Heleww there '', welcome again or welcome if you are coming here for the first time. Thanks for clicking on this blog and taking the time to read it. I'm writing a series on Clean Architecture in Flutter, and this is the last article...

76: Deep Learning for Natural Language Generation: Techniques and Applications

Hashnode - python (python)

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on producing human-like text or speech from structured data or other forms of input. Deep learning techniques have revolutionized NLG, enabling more accurate...

77: Both Front-End And Back-End Development

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Front-end languages Front-end languages refer to the programming tools that developers use to create the graphical user interface of computer programs and web pages. These languages allow them to create algorithms that comprise instructions for a web...

78: Unleashing the Power of Code: Dive Deep into the World of Python, React, and Web Development Projects

Hashnode - python (python)

Unleashing the Power of Code: Dive Deep into the World of Python, React, and Web Development Projects Introduction In the realm of technology, code has emerged as an omnipotent force, enabling us to create innovative solutions that transform the way ...

79: Unit testing AI apps (note)

Stefan Judis (Développement)

How do you evaluate your software's doing what it's supposed to do' Do you test all your app's possible cases, branches and states' I don't, at least not manually. Nobody aint time to manually click through all the edge cases. QA'ing a simple login form takes time, let alone testing complex applications. Having robots do that helps a ton, and I recommend writing automated tests to help you sleep w [...]

80 / 83

80: Kotlin: IntArray vs Array of Int

Hashnode - Kotlin (Mobiles)

As you know in Kotlin we have arrays and we have collections (List, Map...), but what are the difference between using an "IntArray" and an "Array", looks pretty much the same right' IntArray It's an array of primitives, I mean it's an Int[] under th...

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