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Webriche: les veilleurs ne dorment jamais...

Ci dessous, les actualités de quelques sites qui ont tout mon intérêt (à différents niveaux).

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30 Janvier 2022 (49)

1: Creating Japanese Resources Social Network 2

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Currently, I have the site live at this URL: ( The Dev site with the new features is It will have a lot of beta features with bugs. Github Code if you would like to follow alon...

2: Digital Products - 10 Ways Developers Make Money Working from Home - E04

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

No matter what you build, there is a market for it online. You can create courses, software, ebooks, or any digital product that you later distribute to customers worldwide. ' Video here - In this video series, I share t...

3: 100 Languages Speedrun: Episode 74: Python ANTLR 4

Hashnode - python (python)

Parser generators existed since the late 1960s, but even today they still see very little use for parsing programming languages. Almost every parser out there is either hand-coded, or uses a parser generator with so many hacks that it might just as w...

4: The Optional Chaining Operator, 'Modern' Browsers, and My Mom

css-tricks (CSS)

Jim Nielsen’s mom couldn’t open a website. Jim worked on confirming the issue and documented how he got to the bottom of it: '[…] well it can't be a browser issue. It's not like my Mom is using Internet Explorer! … The Optional Chaining Operator, 'Modern' Browsers, and My Mom originally published on CSS-Tricks. You should get the newsletter and become a supporter.

5: In the Beginning...

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

In the beginning I created this blog; but what was I trying to say' What did I want to say' Did I actually have anything to say' What possible motivation could I have for allowing my usually otherwise introverted, antisocial tendencies-laden & herm...

6: Journey to web development with nodejs

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Hello there, I recently started a web dev course on nodejs courtesy of a collaborative partnership between progate and devcareer for the next 90 days. It's been so thrilling all the way, I now really understood the essence of arrays and objects in p...

7: 002: Lemme Reintroduce Me

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Pretend you're a genius, then act like one. Hello Earth, My name is Goodness Urama and I am the protagonist of this world. Well..., Man don't dance ...buh I pretty much do everything else. Of recently, I started a limited blog. It's going to run fo...

8: My Journey to Become a Developer

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Hello fellow developers! I am going to document my journey as a self-taught developer from this day. These blog posts will perhaps motivate me when I feel down and hopefully, it will motivate other upcoming developers (especially self-taught because ...

9: Building a CLI in Node for DevPail

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

This is the second in a series of articles about building DevPail, my general-purpose development environment tooling tool. You don't have to read the previous article to learn something here, but the context may help you understand what I'm talking ...

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10: How To Become A Shopify Developer' Ultimate Roadmap!

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Do you want to become a Shopify developer' If so, you're in the right place! In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know in order to make this dream a reality. We'll cover topics such as what Shopify is, what skills you need t...

11: Next Generator for Next.js rapid prototyping

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

What is Next Generator' Next generator is a command line interface tool for Next.js that will take a command like NextGen generate crud blogPost title:String description:String, and create all of your pages, api endpoints, models, and even some util...

12: On Writing For Computers: My Decade Long Story On Learning How To Code

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

The year was 2011 I was 17 and had a growing interest in tech and the Internet. Unlike many young people of my age at that time, I had a growing interest in the world humans were building in the cloud. I was 100% sure of why it mattered, it was just ...

13: Decenterlised app for sending and receiving cryptocurrency built with thirdweb

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Hi everyone, I am so excited to write about and display my project on this platform, this project is called Krypt, a sending and receiving cryptocurrency app, built with react-vite, tailwindcss, and thirdweb, I was motivated to build this app because...

14: JavaScipt Project using CRUD Operations.

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) project with plain JavaScript. We will not use any JavaScript frameworks instead we will use plain JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to build the My Todo List CRUD projec...

15: "==" or "===" ' Key difference b/w them

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

While learning JS, I've always wondered how == and === are different from each other, and how exactly do they work BTS. So here's what I got to know. The equality operator (==) uses the Abstract Equality Comparison Algorithm to compare two operands....

16: 6.0001 and many compromises

Hashnode - python (python)

About 6.0001 I've started the 2nd course of OSSU, called Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python (or 6.0001), some weeks ago. I couldn't take the course on edX because it started on January 26th, so I preferred to take the one on O...

17: Izuku - 2D Data Visualization and Manipulation in NodeJS

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Izuku is a simple, fast, and powerful tabular data representation and manipulation library written in TypeScript. It is designed to be used to view, manipulate and debug 2D data in NodeJS applications. The core of Izuku is the Frame class that repres...

18: 7 tips for junior Flutter developers

Hashnode - Flutter (Flutter)

The beginnings in the world of programming are very hard, many things to learn, difficulties to understand the learning materials that one finds, doubts that appear and that seems impossible to solve... This article stems from a Reddit thread where a...

19: Getting started with MERN stack

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Introduction When i decided to learn mern stack , i waste a lot of time in search of which is the best way or best structure to develop a full stack application. What are the main things to consider or which factors are important in order to build a...

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20: Working with Axios and interceptors. Setting up refresh token with interceptors.

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Pre-requisites Understanding of basic javascript Understanding of setting up react project What you will learn ' structured setup axios setting up interceptor using interceptor for request token For all of you who are new to axios, Axios is pro...

21: Asynchronous Vs Multi-threading

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

While learning javascript, I found two differentiating things about JS that make it a completely different language than other programming or scripting languages out there. These two things were, that JS is synchronous and JS is single-threaded. Wha...

22: LeetCode - Subsets II

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Problem statement Given an integer array nums that may contain duplicates, return all possible subsets (the power set). The solution set must not contain duplicate subsets. Return the solution in any order. Problem statement taken from: https://leetc...

23: Building Your First Flask application

Hashnode - python (python)

Objective To get started by flask by running the server on localhost on building your first flask application. Prerequisite Python installed in your system. VS Code or any other code editor Getting Started Setting up the environment Create a folder...

24: Popular Design News of the Week: January 24, 2022 ' January 30, 2022

Webdesigner depot (Design)

Every day design fans submit incredible industry stories to our sister-site, Webdesigner News. Our colleagues sift through it, selecting the very best stories from the design, UX, tech, and development worlds and posting them live on the site. The best way to keep up with the most important stories for web professionals is to subscribe […] The post Popular Design News of the Week: January 24 [...]

25: 4ways to create objects in javascript!

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Creating object with a constructor: function vehicle(name,maker,engine){ = name; this.maker = maker; this.engine = engine; } //new keyword to create an object let car = new vehicle('GT','BMW','1998cc') Using object literals:...

26: Como instalar o aplicativo Gtk 4 icon browser

Hashnode - python (python)

O Gtk 4 icon browser é um aplicativo que exibe os ícones Standard e Symbolic que estão disponíveis tema do Gtk. Ao selecionar o ícone desejado é possível descobrir o nome dele, esse nome é utilizado sempre que precisamos definir um ícone na interface...

27: Function Composition and Pipe

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Suppose we have two functions and we want to call these functions to get result by calling these two functions. A situation like this. Seems like a lot of code right. Suppose we have to call more than 5 functions to get a result it would take a whol...

28: How To Use Feature Flags in Vue.JS

Hashnode - vuejs (Javascript)

Feature flags have made it easier than ever to continuously test and integrate new features in our applications with confidence, even while in a production environment without having to worry about deployment risks like downtimes or bugs that could g...

29: Voici quelques exemples d'utilisation de Python

Hashnode - python (python)

Python est un langage de programmation flexible avec de nombreuses applications dans plusieurs domaines. Découvrez quelques fonctionnalités intrigantes de Python. Les bases de la programmation ont été apprises à l'issue d'un module de formation Pytho...

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30: Start phase of an application.

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Hello everyone, I am thinking to create a small application especially for small hotels and rooms to let. My idea came from the fact that i am leaving in Greece and ,as you may already know, its gonna be something useful and practical for everyone h...

31: Reservoir Sampling

Hashnode - python (python)

From a stream of events, return a random element. The class definition is class StreamObserber() def observer(x): def sample(): # return an random element x Solution Exploration Code V0 - Store all the elements import random class Strea...

32: JS How much Math do you do'

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Yes. Javascript provides the built-in object Math. It has several useful methods to work on numbers. Let's go through, which we really use. Round to integer round() - '' Rounds to its nearest integer. ceil() - '' Rounds up to its nearest integer. f...

33: Leap Year Program

Hashnode - python (python)

Hello World ! Today we are going to learn leap year program in python. We are going to implement it in python What will be covered : What is a leap year' Arithmetic operation. Conditional statements What is a leap year' A leap year is a calendar...

34: JavaScript paste text from the clipboard

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

I've made several articles on copying text to the clipboard in JavaScript with the Clipboard API, or execCommand. But we never looked at how we could paste information from the clipboard with the click of a button. Someone recently asked me how to do...

35: This week in Flutter 39

Hashnode - Flutter (Flutter)

There is a new Flutter event next week, apparently tailored to Windows developers. This could mean two things: new developer tools that run on Windows; Flutter for Windows getting out of beta. I am going to bet on the latter. Flutter grew a lot in ...

36: Wrapping Promises in PhaserJS

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Wrapping Promises in PhaserJS can be a dead useful tool for your game dev arsenal. One of the major advantages is many function calls in Phaser occur over a set amount of time, and fire events and stuff when they complete. Nothing wrong with this app...

37: Explained: Imperative vs Declarative programming

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

You most probably have heard of declarative vs imperative programming. You might also have looked it up, and got something like this In computer science, declarative programming is a programming paradigm that expresses the logic of a computation wit...

38: Javascript Series - Introduction

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript) Hey Friends', we're taking off with the JavaScript Zero to Master series for beginners. Introduction This series is designed to help beginners who know nothing about Javascript previously to get started and eventually ...

39: What about scope in JavaScript'

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Scope... The scope is to JavaScript coder like air is to everyone. It is everywhere in your project. And most of the time you don't even notice it, because it is so natural to you. The scope exists for you in your code. So the scope is our theme for ...

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40: Face au ransomware DeadBolt, QNAP force les mises à jour des NAS

Le monde informatique (Informatique / Internet)

Dans l'entreprise, personne n'entendra crier le RSSI. QNAP espère en tout cas que sa dernière action empêchera la propagation du ransomware (...)

41: Into the Compose-Verse, A beginner guide to Android Development With Jetpack Compose

Hashnode - Kotlin (Mobiles)

Part 1: The very basics. What was Android development has been largely characterized by the view-based system of building android User interfaces. This approach involved defining UI elements and layouts as views in XML files, then rendering these vi...

42: Into the Compose-Verse, A beginner guide to Android Development With Jetpack Compose: The Very Basics

Hashnode - Kotlin (Mobiles)

Part 1: The very basics. What was Android development has been largely characterized by the view-based system of building android User interfaces. This approach involved defining UI elements and layouts as views in XML files, then rendering these vi...

43: Type checking with only JavaScript and VS code

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Static type checkers like Flow and TypeScript identify certain types of problems before you even run your code. They can also improve developer workflow by adding features like auto-completion. For this reason, we recommend using Flow or TypeScript i...

44: Naming Conventions - Javascript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Naming conventions in Javascript is always a topic of debate. Here's me trying to put my views in my perspective. Note: Conventions are the set the rules formulated and followed by every organisation or team. The below image represents various type...

45: 100+ Resources for Developers to Boost their productivity!

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Hello Developers , in this blog, I am going to help frontend developers a lot. This blog contains over 100+ websites to increase your productivity as a developer. I want to thank many twitter users who shared their experiences with me and helped me ...

46: Detect Device Orientation Using JavaScript

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Hello Devs, In this blog we will see "How to detect orientation using JavaScript". Below are the most useful ways to get/ detect the orientation of the screen/ device using JavaScript. without wasting time, lets get into the blog, 1. How to detect sc...

47: How I solved "Sales by Match" on HackerRank

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Sales by Match Problem Description There is a large pile of socks that must be paired by color. Given an array of integers representing the color of each sock, determine how many pairs of socks with matching colors there are. Example There is one pa...

48: An Easy Way to Make API Calls: Redux Toolkit

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

When I started learning React, I remember among the complaints made by React developers, one seemed to stand out the most'Redux! A predictable state container for JavaScript and React applications has been a nightmare for most React developers, rangi...

49: Introducing ~'Stylit ~

Hashnode - javascript (Javascript)

Hey guys! '' Today (Jan 29th, 2022) I graduated from my Software Engineering bootcamp with General Assembly! I'm proud of the work I've put in the last 6 months, and stoked to see the progress I've made. I recommend bootcamping to anyone looking to...

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