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Webriche: les veilleurs ne dorment jamais...

Ci dessous, les actualités de quelques sites qui ont tout mon intérêt (à différents niveaux).

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Jeudi 10 Juin 2021 (5)

1: Boop!

Josh W Comeau (Javascript / CSS)

An in-depth tutorial that teaches how to create one of the most adorable interactions I've ever created. We'll learn how to use React components and hooks to abstract behaviours, and see how to design the perfect API. Even if you're not into animations, I think you'll find it interesting!

2: Let's Bring Spacer GIFs Back!

Josh W Comeau (Javascript / CSS)

The 90s web gave us many delightful things: web rings, guestbooks, 'under construction' animations, and spacer GIFs. In this article, we'll see how I use a Spacer component to solve common layout problems, and why it's often a great tool for the job in the modern web.

3: Becoming a Software Developer Without a CS Degree

Josh W Comeau (Javascript / CSS)

A look at how hundreds of developers got their start in the industry despite not having a Computer Science or Software Engineering degree. We'll sort responses into 6 categories, and detail strategies that you can use to ensure you capture the attention of potential employers!

4: Announcing 'use-sound', a React Hook for Sound Effects

Josh W Comeau (Javascript / CSS)

By and large, using the web is a visual experience. This is in terrible contrast to mobile apps, which interact with three of our human senses (sight, sound, and touch, through haptic feedback). I just released a library to make it easy to add sound to your React app, and I make the case that you should consider using it!

5: A Brief How-To On Freehand Sketching On Google Maps

Geek y Ants ()

In this modern digital era, everything has been automated from sending mails to visiting the world at the click of a button powered by VR technologies. It's a known fact the almost every product/service provider make use of Google Maps in their applications to conduct research on users' behaviour. Google provides various services when it comes to Maps. This article shows how to draw a freehand ske [...]

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Ceci est un site qui explore certains mécanismes du Web 2.0, histoire de jouer avec tout ça...
Oui, une sorte de mashup 2.0 appliqué à la veille informationnelle... Hum, rien de neuf ?

Expérimental, c'est un site collaboratif à usage d'une seule personne. Ou presque.

Richard Carlier

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