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Après le web 2,
le web riche !?!?

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Ci dessous, les actualités de quelques sites qui ont tout mon intérêt (à différents niveaux).

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Lundi 10 Septembre 2018 (4)

1: Weekly Challenge 367

I am the diva CZT (Zentangle)

Happy Monday!What a Crazy Week at our house - with everyone trying to get back into a regular routine of appropriate bedtimes and early mornings, packing lunches, and what not.Artoo - Grade 3Artoo had mixed feelings about going back to school this year, but it only took a few days for him to find his friends and have a good time.Chewie - Grade 5My big man, on the other hand, has a whole world of c [...]

2: Weekly Challenge 366

I am the diva CZT (Zentangle)

Hey everyone!i'm back! did you miss me'  i ended up taking a bit longer of a mental break than i anticipated, and i wanted to thank you all for the space to do that - it makes coming back that much easier.I really had a wonderful summer with the kids - we decided to forgo this year's Moebius conference that was in Florida, and instead we put that money towards a pop up camper!I spent some tim [...]

3: Weekly Challenge 365

I am the diva CZT (Zentangle)

Good Monday Morning!It's the last Monday of May - can you believe it'  And i have to say that i'm ready for this month to be over, because it seems that May has just been filled with my kids being sick to some degree.  Last week - Artoo just went from sniffly to worse and worse... and he was home from school all week - poor little dude.  At one point he was coughing so much that he [...]

4: 27 Three JS Examples

Free front end (CSS)

Collection of three.js (Javascript 3D library) code examples.

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Note : est un agrégateur de flux RSS. C'est à dire un outil automatique qui regroupe l'accès à des informations, dont il n'est ni le rédacteur, ni l'éditeur.
Pour toutes questions, merci de contacter Richard Carlier.


Ceci est un site qui explore certains mécanismes du Web 2.0, histoire de jouer avec tout ça...
Oui, une sorte de mashup 2.0 appliqué à la veille informationnelle... Hum, rien de neuf ?

Expérimental, c'est un site collaboratif à usage d'une seule personne. Ou presque.

Richard Carlier

Des mots,
toujours des mots...

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